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Entertainment → new little mermaid
marteminaa wrote:
YESSSSS im excited
Entertainment → new little mermaid
goSuperJesus wrote:
Problems being quite and stay focused
I understand! I have that too, I usually just watch short series than long movies
Entertainment → new little mermaid
Ay wrote:
when it comes to netflix or disney plus yes.
Now I am too poor to go to movie theatre
yes, movie tickets are sooo expensive
Entertainment → new little mermaid
goSuperJesus wrote:
No lol, I can’t enjoy movies
Oh, why? :(
Entertainment → new little mermaid
Are you going to go watch it?
From goSupermodel team → Mermaid Style Competition
i love this theme
Everything else → Mermaid collection
i wish
From goSupermodel team → Join the Sketzmo Challenge
yay, so excited!
Style, fashion and beauty → Picture for Käärijä!
yes yes
Everything else → all käärijäs gather here
now i'm redy

nooo, my outfit doesn't update
Style, fashion and beauty → Show off your new fit!
10, like it
Everything else → kääryleet gather here
i have my crown on because we know who's the winner
Entertainment → whats the best hans zimmer
the lion king or holiday ofc
Everything else → audiobooks??
yes of course

you get the same info from it whether you read it or listen to it
Buy, sell and trade → (S) VIP days!
Everything else → finland v USA cultural differe
wow, this was a great read, thank you!
Everything else → The new Barbie trailer
Kiki wrote:
Yes! Or when a trailer basically reveals the whole premise. I just want to see the overall vibe and actors, not what's going to happen
Everything else → The new Barbie trailer
Kiki wrote:
Yess the actors are saying that there will be a twist, I hope it won't be horror themed
but i want to be surprised!

i hate when movies are spoiled before they come out and the surprising thing isn't a surprise anymore
Everything else → The new Barbie trailer
yesss, i'm so excited!!

but for some reason i'm scared it's going to be horror or something, it looks too good
Entertainment → gilmore girls
hufflepuffannie wrote:
it's one of my fav shows ever also if you're also into buffy the vampire slayer i'd recommend a podcast called "buffy the gilmore slayer" where a pair of comedians (who are also in relationship so an actual couple) watches and comments both of these shows one episode at a time. It's hilarious and they pay a lot of attention to the details of both shows, and it's surprising how much similarities there are between these shows that are completely different genres
haven't seen buffy but i've heard a lot of good about it!