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Buy, sell and trade → (S) Wardrobe
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 40 VIP days for SG
Everything else → GSM testament
Aeneid wrote:
No one, I'm taking my wardrobe with me to the grave.
Buy, sell and trade → [IS] 200 VIP days for 8k
Buy, sell and trade → [S] 150 gem CORSET
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 180 SG
Mylinh wrote:
pls im desperate....maybe selling for 3K gm??? Or VIP??? idkkk i take everthingg

have 9k greetttssssss = 180sg
I wanna trade for VIP days. How much?
GSM Event section → Gems for a friend
eraouyyawehttsuj wrote:
bc I like u
Buy, sell and trade → (S) New GoPack
Friends and guestbooks → tag a hidden gem
Ahw you to !!
Style, fashion and beauty → dey……
Tangled wrote:
Must be a goldmine there
Yas i think it to haha
Style, fashion and beauty → dey……
Lilybear wrote:
and send me a fr!!!!!

Creativity → Drawing YOU for gm!
Oehh yass i want
Everything else → Why didn’t u apply for mod?
Everything else → Have you applied for mod?
'Dutch Blossom. wrote:
I totally agree, this is the reason that is making me doubt the most atm. I mean I'm stable, but still following therapy/treatment. I don't think it's bad at all but it is something I should take in consideration when applying.
No, it's not wrong at all, maybe you can help some people through your own experiences. It is also a difficult choice, but believe in yourself
Everything else → Have you applied for mod?
'Dutch Blossom. wrote:
Not yet, doubting about doing it. My mental health was unstable a few weeks ago and because of that I didn't felt like it was fair to participate. As of now I do feel better because of help that is on the way and because of my supporting environment. I feel okay again and the drive of willing to help people on gSm is still there. So I might write my application tomorrow, just trying to find out if it is the right decision to do so.
Oh that doesn't sound good, think of yourself first that's the most important thing!
Everything else → Have you applied for mod?
No, but I wish everyone who does participate the best of luck
Everything else → goodnight gosupermodel
Lorakyne wrote:
please wish me a goodnight as well
Everything else → gsm insta @gosupercriminal
sonja777 wrote:
i mean sure!
Thank you
Everything else → gsm insta @gosupercriminal
I Follow you, do you Follow back? @Bellababy
Buy, sell and trade → (S) Mushroom Outfit
Quin wrote:
Changed my mind - im selling the whole outfit and not just parts of it It is permanently locked.

Only looking for gm

Lighter Makeup HB: 6K - morbitz
IS: 20K

Shoes HB: 1K - Lunovax
IS: 5K


Both parts of the hat SOLD for 85K
Body blush SOLD for 10K
Dress SOLD for 20K
Hair SOLD for 20K
Darker makeup SOLD for 12K

Hair 7K