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Competitions and games → Small GoVoice competition
Broccoli_buddy wrote:
That's part of the vibe of the game.
I remember just singing really silently cause my mom was downstairs and I would rather die than let her hear me sing
Hahahah, omg.

I am okay with my family hearing me sing. But rn I'm in my small student apartment with many neighbours in the same building
Competitions and games → Small GoVoice competition
I'll join for the fun.

But don't expect too much. I can't sing openly bc of my neighbours hahah
Style, fashion and beauty → Rich or poor?
I'm sorry, it's a bit more poor than rich
Everything else → What are you looking forward..
Having a good time with my friends
Everything else → satisfying numbers!!!
555 gifts received

Everything else → i LOVE to eat meat
.:Scene:. wrote:
who dug this out from all the way from december
I hate when this happens
Everything else → No longer a thief
well done <3
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) crop top sweater
!Emma! wrote:
Ahh sounds nice!

I’ve been hiking with my sisters so i’m really tired! But it was very fun
Sounds like you had a great day too!
Everything else → Your biggest regret?
Spending more time with someone when I had the chance to

Sorry, tagged you by mistake

Creativity → Pspsps artists of gSm
I don't know why I clicked this, I love being creative but I'm not that good hahahah
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) crop top sweater
!Emma! wrote:
hii honey did you have a good day with your brother?
Yes, we have been in the city by bike and bought the last things for our hiking trip next week.

How was your day?
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) crop top sweater
Everything else → After finding out how many men
My man does this always
Buy, sell and trade → Hey, Norwegian! Did you miss..
Everything else → OMG is this a sign?!
You need 2222 profile views to make this perfect

Everything else → not my gf trading greetings
Catrosin wrote:
oooohhhh thats so sweet but keep them babe
I have more than enough!
Everything else → not my gf trading greetings
hahaha, you can have 10 days from me <3

Everything else → use 1 word to describe gsm
Everything else → How many notification pages
frora wrote:
Only 2, I haven't been active since my grandpa's funeral on Wednesday, been to busy to come online
I'm sorry to hear about your loss!

Sending you a hug
Everything else → Germany wth is going on
It's not me