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Everything else → A greeting from goMila
Mickey Mouse wrote:
guys remember gsm as a company still hasn't done anything to make this situation better <3
We should strike again
Everything else → Blackfriday
vihapiiras wrote:
new piercing jewelry bc i've been procrastinating that for a year lol
besides i'm gonna need jewelry for my new piercings when they heal
Everything else → Blackfriday
Westie wrote:
I bought a box of tea lmao. Not because of BF, just because I'm almost out
Tea is always good!
Everything else → Blackfriday
Aqruxe wrote:
I got a gel nailpolish set because I wanna beat nail biting for real this time :)
Good luck with that!!
Everything else → Blackfriday
So, what did u buy?

I made a list with thing I still needed for my home renovation. So, I bought a mirror for my new bathroom, smoke detectors and a ring doorbell system.
Everything else → Acc deleted for username?
Nowadays everything is a trigger I guess
Everything else → tell me about your job :)
centaurianis wrote:
Oh my god, so so happy too see another HSE specialist / coordinator / technician!
You got a
you back
Everything else → tell me about your job :)
centaurianis wrote:
So, I just post what I do as an HSE specialist
leading HSE for a production & test site (including HV test lab up to 400kV; impulse & current tests, altering, bending & NDT tests, etc.), STEM-related topics are a huge part of the job. I started in HSE some years ago, but have my current job now since 1. Dec 2022.

Besides understanding our products* and the detailed process how they are manufactured, tested, delivered, assembled at the customers site - it's my job to ensure and environmental, safety and health regulations & improve them to the best practice. So in short: adhere to law, check if we are okay with REACH / RoHS regulations, etc.

*We produce varistor blocks, futher they're processed to fully assembled AIS & GIS (air insulated surge arresters and gas isolated surge arresters - containing SF6 gas).

Ensuring safe and environmental friendly ways of working requires a deep collaboration with other teams based on or off site, such as R&D, technology & HV dept., maintenance and with the local management.
It is essential, since upgrading safety levels, i.e. of a high voltage lab require not only regulatory ISO knowledge, but also mathematical and physical knowlegde - to know what to do and what not. Furthermore, I am in charge to approve modifications on diverse types of machines, changes to them and also new ones - which also require technical knowledge according the machinery-regulation 2006/42/EG. Also, checks, processes, inc
ident investigations and reporting belongs to my job - and some more stuff. :)
Yeah, and of course tracking KPI's, incident statistics and so on. :D

And this was the short version.
So nice to see other women in HSE technics!

I coordinate HSE projects
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Monocycle wrote:
Love uuu

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Monocycle wrote:
Shhh, dont tell them we've known eachother for over 20 years
What do u mean? We met yesterday
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Monocycle wrote:
Obsessed with you since we met 20 years ago
Everything else → Dutchies, wake up!
Friends and guestbooks → What are your education?
I have a bachelor in electrical engineering and now I'm doing a master in sustainable energy
Everything else → THEORY - removed posts
Maybe the gsm servers are full and they cant or dont want to buy more space.
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Everything before August is gone
Your ideas → Idea: Santa's craft machine
I really get Minecraft vibes from this idea. Love it
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Karwei sometimes
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Good point