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Everything else → Going on vacation tomorrow
Almost done cleaning
Relationships and love → bf didn't come home ??? wtf
josephine wrote:
okay here the long awaited update.

he got home and went straight to the shower.

he insisted he had been at emils apartment and apparently he hadn't even slept there, they just took a lot of coke (can i say that on here??). but he takes coke kind of regularly and always tells me if he'll be home late and i have never experienced him coming home at 9 in the morning.

he was extremely apologetic and said sorry a lot of times and he gets why i was worried but he 'didn't think to tell me where he was'.

he said he put his phone on flight mode while charging it at emils place, but by then i already called and texted (and he has an apple watch as well) so it really baffles me that he didn't see it. also he doesn't have any pictures from the night

but he said he was just stupid and he insists he was at emils and i can't really do anything but believe him. i'm also extremely anxious so i can't really feel wether or not im overreacting
I don't want to make you any more anxious or something like that. But this behavior is so recognizable for me when my ex cheated on me.

He took coke, making him extremely confident, resulting in him sleeping with someone. Ignoring me for hours and not responding. Coming home and taking a shower immediately (washing away the 'dirt' and guilt on having someone else on his body). Being extremely loving and apologizing as a way to make up for it (leaving the partner confused), this is a common way people will behave after cheating. Avoiding all eye contact. And so on...
Everything else → So.. staff lying?
frora wrote:
"Data was requested from Facebook from the week the screenshots were dated and the post from the screenshot was not included. The data however did not include deleted content as previously thought."

They thought they were fake initially because they didn't show up in the facebook data. Then they learnt that facebook doesn't store deleted posts.
Their intention was not to claim they were fake while knowing they were real.
Everything else → On my way to
Everything else → Going on vacation tomorrow
I have to start packing. But I'm also that person who wants to clean the whole house so they can come home from vacation to a clean house and relax. Instead of all this I'm on goSupermodel. I'm doing something very wrong haha
Everything else → HOENSTLY. Stop with the
OMG I suddenly had 15 notifications got scared I said something stupid LMAO
Everything else → HOENSTLY. Stop with the
Just look for your staff OUTSIDE of goSupermodel
Everything else → Screens of the statement
Kegle wrote:
they also do not keep data of deleted posts
I just read that yeah
Everything else → Screens of the statement
..... I'm wondering if this is the statement they'll post tonight.

However, the content of the statement is on some points a little bit weird to me. How does a big company like Facebook/Meta give out privacy-sensitive data so simple (it looks simple), in just a week?
Everything else → About kodaline in jail
Maybe I don't get it. But if you share your social media link (Instagram) on platform and there's content on your Instagram account which is in violation of the rules (for example animal abuse, ***, or in this case a fundraiser), of course they're going to sanction you for that. You sharing the link to your social media isn't a violation of the rules, but it's a means to and end which is leading to forbidden content, which isn't allowed?
Everything else → Fuck nav honestly [rant]
I don't know anything about the system, but isn't there a maximal amount rent set in your laws/rules which will decide if your application will be declined or assigned? I mean, it's weird they're helping someone who pays 15k rent? (I read this in the thread)
Everything else → dyson airwrap complete
I'm always confused which device people are talking about when talking about Dyson. You mean the hair thing, right? Not the vacuum cleaners?
Everything else → Just renewed my drivers licens

I had mine for 10 years!!! I still remember the day I passed my exam like it was yesterday. I was feeling really anxious and used some 'calming spray'. I also made some mistakes, like I hit the clutch in a curve. Really thought I wouldn't pass hahaha. I feel old
Everything else → Plans for today
Suzii wrote:
I love packing.. Is that weird? We are you going?
Unpacking is always the hardest part. We're going to Fuerteventura, one of the Canaries Islands from Spain!
Everything else → I'm 'forced' to breakup w bf
Sorry to say this, but some comments come across very harsh and judging to me.

I can't imagine how hard it must be if your culture has some really strict ways. I really hope you can talk to your parents and make them understand.
Everything else → I'm 'forced' to breakup w bf
That really sucks. I'm so sorry. Why do your parents think a degree is important, if your boyfriend has a family business? He's learning a lot being in the working field? Can't you talk about how a degree isn't a guarantee for a successful working life?
Everything else → Plans for today
Packing, leaving for a vacation this Sunday! Very excited
Everything else → if u could eat anything
Everything else → people who work from home /pc
Everything else → my cat brings me gifts