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Everything else → is it worth blocking
esteriina wrote:
omg you're alive HI
I will not be for long.
Everything else → all men or tinder
I'd take number 2.
Everything else → is it worth blocking
Leave her be but don't block.
Everything else → i lost a friend
They sound like trash so you haven't lost anything.
Style, fashion and beauty → only children suck lol
Everything else → Can u speak ur native language
I have a bit different story. I learned to speak two languages as a child and started to get better and better at the language that was used in that country until it was my main language. Then we moved away and it was a shock to learn after 15 years without speaking the language that I can't speak my native tongue like I used to when I was a child.
Friends and guestbooks → Do I have a crush on you?
Better do.
Everything else → Safe country?
Everything else → i'll never own a dog
Wolverine wrote:
a dog is always a dog, no matter how trained it is, there is always a margin for error. in finland it's actually illegal. my dog is fear aggressive, and a lot of people go around thinking their dog is friendly so no problem. well mine isn't. i keep him on a tight leash whenever another dog passes, but people still let their dogs come close, leashed or not. i personally would like to strangle every dog owner who doesn't keep their dog on a leash with a leash.
I understand that there is always a possibility for errors but is it a reason to keep all dogs on leash? For me no.
If a dog is properly trained the chances are really low, as in police dogs, working dogs and helping dogs for example. There are also dogs that don't come near other dogs even if they are off leash they will be walking like they don't even notice the other dog. You can even walk a dog in the middle of a big city off leash if they are properly trained.
Everything else → i saw something hot today
Put it on "things to add to my car" list.
Everything else → i'll never own a dog
If the dog is properly trained I see no problem. As in perfectly listens to commands even if there are people, dogs, vehicles around.
Everything else → comment and ill say which colo
Please do.
Everything else → am i crazy?
I talk to them inside my head.
Everything else → do you stink?
very stinky
I also wash my hair once a week.
Everything else → do you stink?
[x] i never brush my tongue, only my teeth
[x] i wear the same pair of socks 2 days
[x] i do not always wash my hands after going to the toilet
[x] i wear the same bra for over a week
[x] i wear the same shirt longer than 3 days
[x] i never clean my belly button
Everything else → biggest culture shock u had
That in Japanese schools the classrooms total test score average matters and they will rant about it to the whole class to do better next time and everyone takes it seriously. Where as in Finland school is not taken seriously and tests are only personal matter.
Everything else → Fossilized or bogged?
Everything else → at what age do you let your
Malisklaer wrote:
I'd still be afraid that they touch maybe a needle or smth they see on the ground.
We have them at the playground, parks and forest already. : D
Just teach them properly not to touch them and tell them they are going to die if they do.
Everything else → at what age do you let your
Malisklaer wrote:
you touch a lot of dirty stuff and there are some very weird persons especially nowadays everywhere, so letting a kid go solo by that age is wild.
Dirty stuff? The most dirty place kids go to is daycare and school. Other kids are literally walking germpiles. Kids also eat dirt and stuff from outside so I wouldn't worry about that too much.
Everything else → at what age do you let your
Cornelia. wrote:
some 3 year olds can do that, that's maybe a bit young
If the kid is clever and capable I see no problem. I have gone and bought milk at that age.