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Everything else → what do u do on sims
I usually build or decorate, but sometimes I play too. Then I play with a girl who lives alone, but has several boyfriends at a time, and make babies so I don't know myself who the father is before the kid is born
Competitions and games → new games??
hii ive not been really active lately and I just wondered when will photoshoot, decor etc come?
Everything else → scorpio + ??
AlinaAlright wrote:
Personally, I didn't vibe well with Pisces guys either. But yeah, Gemini and Scorpio DEFINITELY don't go well together. Like, 100% certainty.
Ugh no never gemini guys again, liferuiners
Everything else → scorpio + ??
AlinaAlright wrote:
Don't know what sign is best compatible with Scorpio. I think, usually everyone says Pisces or Taurus (my current partner is a Taurus).

But definitely not Gemini, that one's the absolute worst for a relationship with Scorpio.
my ex is a gemini and my other «ex» is pisces, never touching any of those again

^ same! My bestie is also a pisces, and we get together almost too good, but in a relationship ist a no for me
Everything else → scorpio + ??
soo i just got out of a really toxic relationship, and now i need to know the best zodiac for scorpio bc im desperate hihi
Everything else → norwegians
depends, we always have to things, so tomorrow we have pinnekjøtt and kalkun, but sometimes we have ribbe, depends on where we are
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Competitions and games → Have you seen the model above?
Everything else → Eating brown cheese
tbh ive never tasted it, im afraid to
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in <3
Everything else → Truthing you ✿
Everything else → why are we green
im owning my green face
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Everything else → should I make waffles
if you make waffles ill make carbonara
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Gimi wrote:
The jacket was actually very expensive in the shops
So I would like 400gm for it

Idk the value of the hair, I will have to investigate that

And for the blue thingy I would like 325gm
just got the jacket! but I sent you a trade on the blue thing, send me a message when you know how much you want for the hair :)
Buy, sell and trade → LF wishlist
Gimi wrote:
I have this hair (it has a ponytail but it doesn't show here)

This jacket

And this... uhm.. thing
how much for everything? <3
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Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit above
Everything else → quit gsm
Buy, sell and trade → LF wishlist