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Everything else → I'm alt
Everything else → my boyfriend stepped in my poo
Buy, sell and trade → Diamond gifts from wl for you
Everything else → I go to bedd, goodnightt
same good night
Everything else → if you really need to drink
Everything else → would you quit
depends are you humping the floor too
Everything else → Lets talk about se....
x baby

and yes i do
Everything else → If you love yourself
i have orange mud cake
Everything else → go to sleep girl
ok girl
From goSupermodel team → Welcome back!
i cant see
From goSupermodel team → Goodbye!
Everything else → I have been a naughty girl
nahhh lmao
Club forum: Public → Pullip talk
i probably still have like 6 but i havent used them in years
Your ideas → New gSm Emojis (v.2)
i need the crying one
Everything else → my mum is scared
Jingliu wrote:
they would not wake up. murdered themselves in your house by falling. caught bloody red
Everything else → the goSupermodel Age POLL!!!!
in majority
Everything else → Tiktok sounds that stay in
boys a liar plays in my head 247
i hate it
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
Everything else → I googled my symptoms
fainted while buying groceries today. pretty sick around 38 fever and throat hurts. funsies