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Entertainment → songs you HATE!!!???
this song gives me a headache and anxiety
Everything else → My mothers funeral
I'm very sorry for your loss ♥
Everything else → which country dominate gsm
Buy, sell and trade → SG for new collection
Friends and guestbooks → [] Are you like me?
[x] brunette
[x] student
[x] needs 8 hours of sleep every night, otherwise…..

[x] loves travelling
[x] but also loves being home
[x] loves reading, especially in bed at night
[x] doesn’t like partying that much

[x] listens to almost every music style
[x] and Justin Bieber

[x] always does all of her duties last minute
[x] but always makes sure they are done on time
[x] introvert when you meet me
[x] extrovert when you get to know me and with the right people

[x] prefers a few close friends over many general friends

[x] sushi
[x] pasta
[x] chocolate
Entertainment → UMK
tbh I don't really like any of this year's songs :/ but if I had to choose one, I would probably say lxandra!
Everything else → Any marvel fans?
groot <3
Everything else → 599 VIP days left
9 :(
Everything else → would you accept
yes! :)
Everything else → What was positive today?
coke (drink)
Friends and guestbooks → (x) ARE we twins?
(x) Finnish
(x) Brown hair
(x)...Now a days living in quite big city

(x) Graduated from upper secondary school/gymnasium
(x) Have always been quite good at school and what comes to studying

(x) Kind
(x) Sensitive
(x) Owns this funny side but also much more deeper side

(x) Favorite color orange/sage green/yellow...
(x)...but rarely wears anything like that
Everything else → [x] Music Taste Matches
[] 2Pac
[] Amoprhis
[] Black Sabbath
[] Britney Spears
[] Dr. Dre
[] Ghost
[] Notorius BIG
[] Rammstein
[] System of a Down
Everything else → have you seen the model before
Everything else → what song are u currently list
love lost by mac miller <3
Friends and guestbooks → (x) Are we soulmates?
() 24
() Finnish
() ...from the North
() Bi
() In a relationship
() ...and engaged
() Is living or will soon live in The Netherlands
() Student
() Engineering
() Is/has been an Exchange student
() No pets
() But really loves cat
() Libra
() Has only brothers
()...4 of them

() Secretly loves being the centre of attention
() Confident but also fragile
() Avoids conflicts
() Emotions easily build up inside
() Laughs at even the worst jokes
() Can easily get a crush on someone
() Worries a lot about family
() Sometimes forgets friends
() But has many very good ones
() Generous
() Optimistic
() Easily over-whelmed and tired
() Used to be an over achiever
() But spends a lot of time just chilling now

Hobbies and other interests
() Used to dream of becoming an actress
() Went to an artsy high school
() Loves singing
() Wants to learn an Instrument
() Likes sewing and designing clothes
() Cheerdance
() Dancehall
() Travelling
() Wants to make a YouTube channel
() ...but is too afraid of rude comments
() Loves learning new languages
() Wants to do something impactful for the environment

() Murder mystery podcasts/YouTube channels
() Commentary YouTube
()...Rebal D
() Charlotte Dobre
() Two hot takes
() Chad Chad
() Sixteenleo
() Joe Santagato
() Annamarie Forcino
() Kurtis Connor
() Not Even Emily
() Cody Ko
() Loves Eurovision
() Måneskin
() Harry Styles
() Female rap/r&b
() Shakira
() Latin music in general
() Inger (from Estonia)
() Happy upbeat songs
() Prefers series over movies
() Atypical
() New Girl
() Friends
() Orange is The New Black
() Reality TV
() Stranger things
() Dead to me
() Wednesday
() The Office (US)
() Modern family
() Los Serranos

() Used to love roleplaying back in the day
() But now I would feel like an impostor
() Loves changing the outfits
() Really wants Backstage Rush Back
() Didn't make an account on the launch date
() Wants to make new friends here
() Wants to make magazines
Friends and guestbooks → [x] are we similar? (long)
[] 21 y/o
[x] Finnish
[] taurus
[x] student
[] loves both cats and dogs
[] has a cat
[] has more than 1 sibling
[] is a twin
[x] d*addy issues
[] has the emotional intelligence of a 12 y/o
[] but still craves romantic relationships
[] in a situationship (see above)
[] virgin
[] changes hair color a lot
[] changes hair style a lot
[] cuts their own hair
[] has shaved their head at least once
[x] awkward af
[x] is lazy
[x] is out of shape
[] ace
[] has tattoos
[] septum
[] snake bites
[] stretched ears
[] belly button piercing
[] studying business
[] vegeterian (or tries to be)
[] wears mainly black
[x] professional procrastinator
[x] listens to rock/punk/alternative
[x] almost always has music on
[] an average cook
[] lives alone
[] is not artsy
[x] always cold
[] speaks three languages or more
[] writes stories
[] writes fanfiction
[x] reads a lot
[] watches Asian dramas
[x] is a hopeless romantic
[] is going for an exchange this year
[] extra point if it's japan
[x] tea drinker
[] tea with (oat)milk is superior
[x] doesn't drink coffee
[] obsessed with white monster
[] drinks zero sugar drinks
[] loves cherry coke
[x] drinks alcoholic beverages on average at least twice a month (student lyfe babey)
[] over 170cm
[] has large feet
[] has a really bad eyesight
[] prefers lenses over glasses
[x] wears different clothes at home than outside (home clothes)
[x] night owl (clearly)
[x] poor
[] likes to knit
[x] enjoys puzzles
[x] and sudoku
[x] likes snow
[x] loves summer
[] sleeps with socks on (fluffy/wool)
[] likes to sing

[] Badflower
[] Twenty one pilots
[] Cavetown
[] AJR
[x] BMTH
[] Set it off
[] Yungblud
[] Imagine Dragons
[] The Wrecks
[] NF

[] Bones
[] Criminal Minds
[] The Good Place
[] Good omens
[] Sense8
[] How to train your dragon
[] Tangled
[] The rise of the guardians
[] Musicals
[x] Disney movies
[] The Vampire Academy
[x] Harry Potter but has complicated feelings about it (F U JKR)
[] Avatar the last airbender
[] Violet Evergarden
[x] Superhero movies
Everything else → what zodiac sign are you?
libra :)
Everything else → Haribo
the little egg (and frog) candy from click and mix
Everything else → how many blocked models do you
Everything else → a moment for
We will never forget you and we will continue to fight <3