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Relationships and love → Are you married?
yeah, we got married at 25 when we had been together for 6,5 years
Everything else → gsm shitposting
can't read the poll options but i love the code
Everything else → Was gsm always like this?
there was plenty of drama but it was between groups of users
and sometimes single users who had done something wrong and the staff

not like half the website in the same drama with the staff
Everything else → Before you quit gsm
haven't you read jodel? they terminate the trade and delete models that are giving large amounts of gm to someone
Buy, sell and trade → selling 85sg
Dealorian wrote:
80 dias?
sounds good! i'll wait a while to see if anyone overbids, but if not, it's a deal
Buy, sell and trade → selling 85sg
Everything else → Hot take about collection
Melsinky wrote:
My choice? you're acting as if people choose to work fulltime to afford bills etc
it's your choice whether you pay real money to afford all the items you want, spend time playing, give up some of the items you already own to make money or just buy less

this wouldn't be a profitable business at all if everyone could afford everything with no effort
Everything else → Hot take about collection
Melsinky wrote:
okay but what if I don't want to sell my items to afford a new collection?

Also-- I don't have the time, energy or braincells to play WC every day- and sketzmo isnt gonna cut it.

One week is not long enough man
well then it's your choice
you can't always have everything for free, that's the way the world and all the businesses work
Everything else → Hot take about collection
i've managed to do it and i haven't bought any vip or perks or won competitions

i play some wc (definitely not to the limit most days) and sell some of my old stuff and spend around 30k + 20-30 diamonds (with 40% off, of course) on each big collection

i agree that there are sooo many items and it's a lot but otherwise we'd never get all the old stuff back that we want
Everything else → 830gm for a dress
wowww i didn't even notice until now
why is it so expensive???? glad that the other things aren't as pricey...
Everything else → i just
i like your look actually
it's giving me evil fairy queen
Everything else → Thoughts on the new collection
the sparkling boots are everything!!! i really needed them back in my life

it's a very good collection but i'm a bit disappointed there isn't more makeup. i was really wishing for some sparkly and cutesy makeup
Everything else → love the fairy collection but
where's all the makeup the ones we have don't go so well with fairy so i was really hoping for some fitting makeup tooo

otherwise i really like the items tho!
Competitions and games → Free asian awareness comp
bump such a good idea
Everything else → confused by my grade
Mayysis wrote:
I had a civics class that i studied last year. I put 0 effort into it thinking i would be fine if i just passed.. I got the highest grade.

So now i feel like einstein, but braindead at the same time. I never had a clue what i was writing about
hahaha i feel you so much here
maybe we're just braindead einsteins
Everything else → future jd's: PLEASE
okay i have to disagree with the shoes part

i was always a bratz girl who didn't like barbie dolls that much. big shoes are EVERYTHING and the shoes being so small is one the greatest flaws with gsm fashion in my opinion

maybe that's why i also kinda liked virtual popstar faces better.... but other than the shoes, faces and makeup, vp sucks
Everything else → confused by my grade
Calcifer wrote:
LMAOOO n o you just wrote well

i feel like it's been kinda easy to adjust for me at least because i don't have that many courses happening at once and i usually only have like.. 1 or 2 essay courses happening at once. like, it's impossible to know what kind of grade you're getting for your first essay for a course but after you see how they liked your first essay, you kinda know how to write stuff for that specific course going forward i've also had some courses where we just don't get any grading back whatsoever which i HATE because i genuinely have no idea how i'm even doing in said course and it's kinda impossible to improve too :c
but i totally didn't but maybe she could understand my text better than most people would (because of the poor writing) since she is so close to the subject, and that helped me a bit

yeah that makes sense! sure helps adjust your texts. we typically have to write just one essay per course (if any essays at all), so can't really adjust by earlier texts and it's always kind of surprise what'*** of us
Everything else → confused by my grade
Calcifer wrote:
i feel like it depends so much on which course you're taking (and who's grading your work) too, i always take a lil while adjusting to know what kind of essays the teacher wants from me :::D i've taken some courses where i honestly thought i wrote a good essay and then it boomerangs back to me like FIX THIS IT'S AWFUL
that's what i'm thinking too! my subject was the same that the teacher wrote her thesis about so what if she just loved the subject and me using her work as reference lmao

btw me adjusting the subject by the teacher wasn't intentional, just general interest but it would be hard to adjust anyway because we have so many different teachers and i know so little about some of them
Everything else → confused by my grade
aphex wrote:
thats how i learned to get better grades, when i did a fuck-all job i did amazing, and when i did my actual best it got bad grades
i guess that's the reason why i've been getting better grades now too

it's just so confusing and not very motivating
Everything else → confused by my grade
okay so i need to know if this has happened to you!

i did my absolute worst on an essay. (my use of references was poor, i only used 1/3 properly, the rest for only a few phrases that didn't even link to my subject well. the structure of my text was poor because i didn't have the energy to make it work better. the order of the paragraphs was a mess and i didn't even conclude the text properly. there was also a lot of repetition because i couldn't think of alternative words to use.)

i was genuinely worried if i'd even pass, but i got a 5/5 for it and i'm thinking is this for real or just a mistake (but i don't want to ask if i get a lower grade then lol)

and whenever i think i've written a masterpiece, i get a grade of 4 or 3. but it's not as big a difference as this one here

can you relate???