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Buy, sell and trade → i send you cheap trades
Everything else → how many people have u blocked
I really want to see the amount of people that blocked me im so curious
Everything else → not me realizing u can send
Great Escape wrote:
greetings via trade now?? just sent a lot of sgs manually
WOW thanks i didnt know
Everything else → balkan
s2nyu wrote:
PLSSS love u 2

dont know many albanians but ive been to albania once and id love to visit again hihi
Thats so nice!!! Where did you go in Albania?
Competitions and games → shes so intimidating
Everything else → balkan
enskuli4 wrote:
no but got an albanian bf (so im basically albanian now)
Wooooowww!! I am Albanian
Friends and guestbooks → Am I the only one
Anklebaby wrote:
yeah i gotta save those good vibes into my filing system<3
Friends and guestbooks → Am I the only one
Aspasia wrote:
as we should
I always feel ashamed??
Friends and guestbooks → Am I the only one
who immediately tends to send a friend request after 1 short pleasant interaction with someone
Everything else → do you stink?
pee smell wrote:
trust me i will AHHAHA
HAHAHAHA love that
Everything else → do you stink?
pee smell wrote:
do you stink? do the test

[] i never brush my tongue, only my teeth
[] i wear the same pair of socks 2 days
[] i do not always wash my hands after going to the toilet
[] i wear the same bra for over a week
[] i wear the same shirt longer than 3 days
[] i never clean my belly button
[] i use Fa deodorant
HAHAH you should make gotests with these questions
Everything else → i'm in a bad mood
fnay wrote:
i don't trust the fake ones but maybe it's worth a try then because the original one sucks either way
I didn't either but it was that or spending a 100 euros on a stupid adapter
Everything else → Sunday night chat!
alomnia wrote:
Aww thanks, that's definitely reassuring! I'm pretty glad that I have a job already where I might be able to start full time straight away. It's not where I want to be so I'll definitely look for something else straight away but it's a good place to start!
What a nice feeling that you can start somewhere right away. Gaining experience is also important and afterwards you can always find something better
Buy, sell and trade → Who wants to buy ma dog
xEsperanza wrote:
2 dia
Ok noted
Everything else → Sunday night chat!
alomnia wrote:
It both feels great and terrible at the same time! I'm super excited to get to work and finally earn some real money, because not being able to work as much has been such a pain in the ssssss...especially if you wanna do fun things and have friends on the other side of the world. Like I want to go see them but I quite literally can't because I'm broke. ANYWAY, yeah, it's weird having so many options. School is all I've known for pretty much my entire life...Feels like my life is coming to its end even though it's just getting started haha!

@Above: Perfect, thank you! <3
Omg I totally know that feeling! But I have to say that you get used to working really quickly and that it feels so nice to be able to earn money and not worry about every penny. I've been working since September and have to say that sometimes I forget I have money because I'm so used to not having anything as a student. I keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well!! It is indeed a big step in your life, but it does open new doors.
Buy, sell and trade → Who wants to buy ma dog
Ruddy Duck wrote:
My dog just rolled around in sheep shit.. so I instantly thought her dog did the same and she wanted to sell it LOL
HAHAHAHAHAHAA why is this so relatable
Everything else → Sunday night chat!
alomnia wrote:
Aw, that's so fun though! Which movie did you see? How was it? And the museum? Any good? Sounds totally normal that it's a bit of a rollercoaster now. Take care of yourself love! Things like this sound simple but they have a big effect on our day-to-day lives!

@above: Aww, I love that! Household chores can be very fun. They're kind of thoughtless, but yet productive. Always feels good to get them done! Ooh a social worker! Interesting! I'm a film student, but graduating very soon! Hope to get to work in June/July! And yes I did, the weather was way too good to sit inside!
Exactlyyyy!!!!! & Wawww must feel great to be at the ending of your schoolpath!
Buy, sell and trade → Who wants to buy ma dog
SarinkaVanessa wrote:
oooh its cute!
do you want to be her new owner
Friends and guestbooks → kind models
isabelledb wrote:
THANK YOU!! You too
Buy, sell and trade → Who wants to buy ma dog
xEsperanza wrote:
I want her
She wants you too What do you offer