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Style, fashion and beauty → Morning model?
cannot relate i look horrible when i wake up lol
Style, fashion and beauty → Worn or saved ?
worn <3
Everything else → yayyyy ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYY
Happy birthday
Entertainment → modern family
Boba wrote:
i miss it :( <3
yeah but perfect comfort show like you said!! <3 series have to end at some point or they'll just get bad
Entertainment → modern family
modern family <333
Everything else → I want to start a truth forum
Everything else → who wants a suprise
Everything else → When you were in school
english, history, social science and also we had like sewing class? idk what the word is in english, it's called syslöjd in swedish, that was the BOMB
Everything else → i spent half my gomoney
money well spent
Entertainment → twilight soundtrack
the robert pattinson song tho
Everything else → Tell me a word you HATE
whirlwindgirl wrote:
"pupper" too enrages me to no end hahaha
omg those two words though HAHHAHA
Everything else → Tell me a word you HATE
Everything else → Aperol spritz is overrated
i love the taste
Everything else → how was the best job you had?
only had a few but daycare was the best! kids are so fun and wholesome to be around, even tho they're a pain as well
Everything else → i saw a baby today
newborns smell so good
Entertainment → Netflix, disney+
i started watching oitnb hehe
Everything else → are u addicted
Everything else → are your parents able
yeah but with very strong swedish accent
Everything else → do you sleep commando?
nah i don't like it
Buy, sell and trade → random 50gm trades