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Everything else → anyhow!
Peasley wrote:
sniffles thank you... i just wanted to look princely
omg yes i can tell, you definitely succeeded in that
Everything else → anyhow!
Peasley wrote:
omg i love the fit...
omg crying thanks, yours is 10/10 tho
Everything else → anyhow!
Everything else → Are you a tea person or coffee
definitely tea!!!
Everything else → How are my ticbuddies doing?
mine have been better lately actually, which is nice! some days they're worse but in general not as bad lately! :')
Club forum: Public → The 3
IvyX wrote:
So ur signs are all different elements, which means you’re either super balanced or crazy turbulent ahaha, but honestly you seem like you could be super successfull (famous or something)

Edit, probably hotheaded too, but the moment someone gets mad at you, you cry
ooooo this is really interesting, thank you!!

i'd say i'm probably pretty turbulent, because I tend to have quite intense emotions and a lot of moodswings haha :''D
fingers crossed for the successful part

I think I am somewhat easily annoyed but I am scared of conflict so I very rarely express my annoyance and people tend to be quite surprised when I actually do speak up in situations because people pleaser™ :') but 100% I cry when people get mad at me hahaha!!
Club forum: Public → The 3
sun capricorn
moon pisces
leo rising
Competitions and games → WIN 2000gm fast! (1HOUR)
Everything else → does your astrology match?
I'm a Capricorn but I got Cancer
Everything else → what do you call mcdonalds in
Everything else → i'm proud of myself
oo that's great, I'm proud of you too!!
good luck with the studyiiing, i believe in u
Everything else → Your model is sims 4
omg yes omg
Everything else → Summoning all capricorns
my day was pretty okay, I think!!
how was yours?
Everything else → straights vs gays
Everything else → im eating a frog
Signe.T. wrote:
oh no.......
Everything else → im eating a frog
Signe.T. wrote:
u look pretty yummu
I do, don't I??? not good
Everything else → im eating a frog
I panicked
Club forum: Public → let me give u a poem
Hellcat wrote:
A tiny teacup frog
So cute and full of glee
With a hop and a skip
They bring so much joy to me

Their laughter is infectious
Bringing smiles to all around
In their teacup home
They playfully leap and bound

With their tiny croaks
And their big, round eyes
Teacup frogs bring delight
To all who hear their sounds

So here's to teacup frogs
Bringing happiness, near and far
You brighten up our world
With each and every hop and twirl.
not gonna lie, I actually love this so much
Club forum: Public → let me give u a poem