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Entertainment → DNFing books
Siliana wrote:
If I have a book like that, I usually bring it along with me at waiting rooms or something like that. Or I am bored waiting or I read a book that I kinda want to finish but also not getting through it when I want to read in my ''spare time''.

But maybe dropping a book might be better in that case than what I am doing
I'd literally prefer waiting over reading another page of that book whoops. So I think I'll just quit
From goSupermodel team → Mini game: Treasure Hunt
Lilac wrote:
just listening to classical music as im stressing, nothing quite like it
Now that's a vibe
Everything else → I need to pack, moving
Hmm, maybe some winter clothes? You're probably not going to use them any time soon?
Entertainment → DNFing books
Have you ever DNFed (not finished) a book? I'm currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller. And although I loved her Song of Achilles, I'm not enjoying this at all. I just can't get through it. I've never in my life DNFed a book, but I think it's time...Idk I feel so sad about it, I just want to finish books lol. It feels weird to be like: 'nah this is not for me'...should I though? I mean books are there to be enjoyed so why read something you don't enjoy, but still.
Everything else → queen charlotte
It's soooo good
Everything else → Did something good happen
I managed to finish my screenplay (in two days!) and now I got some time to revise it before sending it to the director

(This sounds super professional, I promise it's not lol)
Everything else → DEAR FINNISH PEOPLE *2love* TW
Bump <3
Competitions and games → Who deserves a gift?
Billy wrote:
For checking in on me this morning!
Everything else → Write your thesis or study
I'm gonna be right here with you only I'm not taking breaks lmao

It's really not that hard what I'm doing I just need to get the words out. I'll take 5 minute breaks instead I'll happily chat with you during my breaks though!
Friends and guestbooks → its Liez her birthday!! <3
Lieeeeez! One of the funniest, sweetest gals here! Happy birthday to you love! Wishing you the best day ever! Big hug!

Everything else → The topic of tattoos
It's really funny that the conversation started today because I literally JUST applied for a tattoo with an amazing artist Would be my first!
Competitions and games → Jigsaw puzzle! <3
Yay guys, that was fun! <3
Competitions and games → Jigsaw puzzle! <3
Obviously puzzling, AGAIN! Come join me
Everything else → Tarot girlies!
12:12 wrote:
Thanks for your input!
I did draw a few more cards, which I feel like would confirm that they are trying to built up courage to reach out properly and that they are maybe not even 100% sure themselves what it is they are trying to achieve by reaching out? - I drew "The Moon", "Knight of Swords" and "Temperance"
Yes, sounds like that to me as well! They might not be sure, so they're kind of reaching out in a...almost insecure way? Like super moderate, not-too-much way. Which might make it look even more foolish to you?

I do believe their intentions are good, so that's a start
Everything else → Tarot girlies!
Yeah sounds to me like either one of these.

Either they have changed and they'd love to come back into your life. Or, they're coming back to make a positive and good impact and that's what's causing positive change for you. But to be honest, I'd ask for more cards! They can be quite descriptive and times so I just continue to ask questions until I feel like I have my answer
Friends and guestbooks → Tag an underrated friend
theone wrote:
awww that’s really kind! Ily
Everything else → It don't cost much
Art Machine wrote:
It's sad but true
If you want to cross the bridge, my sweet
Everything else → It don't cost much
You poor unfortunate SOUL
Everything else → What trend it is?
Wait what
Everything else → bleh (or yey) Master's thesis
Nostalgicc wrote:
Ooooh WOW!

That's a HUGE project.. Sounds suuuper fascinating tho. Too bad you won't be able to make the short film now - would have loved to see the finished product on film.
But it is a super important topic, so I understand that you want to cover it properly.

I feel sooo bad for you with the overload of work you have to do in SUCH a small time frame.. Can you ask to have the deadline extended? It sounds like you would have good reason to get it granted (at least by my university's rules).

I am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed right now.. Hope it soon won't feel like this for you But you will for sure have the biggest sense of achievement!

You rock!


So for me - I am suuuper overwhelmed too. But luckily I have the sweetest supervisor EVER! I just sent her a message today explaining that my mental health is suffering atm, and she had the sweetest reply. I started CRYING my eyes out when I read it.

So I have asked for an extension of the deadline. The deadline was originally 5th of June, but I have to submit it by the end of June now. Hopefully I will be able to reach this. I will have a meeting with mu supervisor on Thursday to discuss the last stretch of the semester


@ turkinpippuri
You will do great!! Okay, I am complaining quite a lot in this thread, but honestly - the work is super interesting and rewarding too! I just wasn't in the best place when I started the work either..

But I had a big project this fall (leading up to the master thesis) - and I LOVED working on that! If that is of any motivation
Aww thank you, that's really kind! Unfortunately they don't do extended deadlines at my uni, sad. But I feel like I can make it as long as I just push through.

So good to hear though that you are getting an extension. Having someone support you truly is the biggest help. And mental health definitely should be your top priority. Happy to see you're taking good care of yourself in that sense. Sending you the biggest hug, you can do it! I know you'll do wonderful