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Everything else → unique experiences
I became friends with my favorite celebrity, sort of?
Creativity → I will draw you :)
Ooh I'd love one!
Friends and guestbooks → Hypnotized.'s guestbook❤️
Hi sweet friend!

So happy to have had you in my fl for a while now. You're truly one of the best people here. Such a kind soul, such a good heart. Pure light, you are. So thankful
Everything else → was no one gonna tell me
555 wrote:
please the lion is my baby. i love and cherish it so much, i wear him w every outfit
Okay, then you're all good
Everything else → was no one gonna tell me
I'm just trying to figure out whether to love or hate you for wearing my lion with that look
Competitions and games → I'll truth you in badges
Hmm focus for you! :)
Buy, sell and trade → ♥ Selling diamonds ♥
I'd like 150
Everything else → JDs!!! CLICK THIS! do ittttttt
Competitions and games → 300 dias RAFFLE

Everything else → i just recorded
Me all the time
Buy, sell and trade → B Mushroom make up IS 24k
You can send me a trade
Style, fashion and beauty → OMG THE JD SHOP drop
Any other day this would have been fine BUT NOT RIGHT NOW because these looks are killing me. The next shop drop is going to be insanely good
Everything else → tag a crybaby
Can I tag myself?
Everything else → truthing you in boxes
Everything else → biggest scare on gsm
What, how?!
Buy, sell and trade → LF 33k
Everything else → truthing u on vocaroo
Fun :D
Style, fashion and beauty → show me your xmas looks ♥
Everything else → Where are all the pigs???
I've been getting tons
Everything else → Todays tasty tea treat D4
Love these little updates