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Everything else → is your writing hand left or
i’m right handed but tend to do a lot of things with left
Buy, sell and trade → wtb giftcard bag & hair
Buy, sell and trade → wtb giftcard bag & hair
Buy, sell and trade → wtb giftcard bag & hair
Everything else → share your new looks
Hannakrol wrote:
You look so cool!
omg ty
Everything else → FREE gomoney for the person
Everything else → share your new looks
at this point i just put on whatever
Buy, sell and trade → wtb giftcard bag & hair
heey, i’m looking for the gift card bag and hair from the first outfit



let me know if you’re selling and what you want for it, i can pay in gm or diamonds <33
Everything else → Ok but... pedro pascal
i had a teacher that i hated and he looks like pedro pascal n i cant help to dislike him too bc of the face, nothing against him tho
Competitions and games → When are the JD semi-finalist
cant believe gsm staff might out there with the list of semi finalists already
Buy, sell and trade → wtb vip hair
rollerskates wrote:
what did you offer if you don't mind me asking? i'm looking to sell mine but idk how much it's worth
5 diamonds
Buy, sell and trade → wtb vip hair
found a trade ty <33
Buy, sell and trade → wtb vip hair
villegalileogalle wrote:
offers ?
not offering, stated in the post to tell me ur price :)
Buy, sell and trade → wtb vip hair
heey, anyone wanna sell the vip hair? it’s so cute tell me ur price, i can pay gm or diamonds
Creativity → Moon's layout store
Everything else → It's hailing in NL???
omg!!! the sun is shining here, i’m in the train tho
Everything else → what's your favourite fruit?
mango & chinese pear
Creativity → JD swmis could start any minut
hope its today!!!
Creativity → -Nochtem- JD entery
-Nochtem- wrote:
Ohhh, but it did go okay`? I should have made street then XD But all my ideas... was inappropriate Like... a hobo... a drug user... an OD victim... A street lady..

Maze - OMG, me too!!! I wanted all the cool stuff, from other servers! <3

Aww, I see it on instagram ofc! The Cinnamon design is super cute and pretty!
i did like it in the end, i made one at first, didn’t like that one and made a whole new one, it was my first time trying to design gosupermodel style, with pixels and everything but i had a lot of fun! c: i’m more into traditional art rather than digital haha
Creativity → -Nochtem- JD entery
-Nochtem- wrote:
THANK you! It was the first one I worked on :D! I use to be goth, so I though the theme would be pretty easy XD HAHA, its because the hair in street looks like spagetthig XD HAHHAA

Maze - Ohh, nooo way! But thank you for thinking so high of me XD Im super impressed with your air skills! Looks so real and shiny! I love all your designs XD

Komplisert - Thank you so much :D <3
at the beginning i thought the romantic goth would be the hardest for me so i started with it as well, get the most difficult one out first i see that in the street hair now HAHA