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Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
Ro wrote:
also if people say that they "wanna change the site for the better" it's litr shitting up and down the backs of the volunteers who are still there or of those who quit, because it's indirectly saying that what they did wasn't enough !!
I didn't want to say it that bluntly but... this haha
Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
girlbossiest wrote:
u put it so nicely can i copy this to the main post
Ofc!! <3
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Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
Let's put it this way: the volunteer work is to make the site and community a better place. But at our current state we can only achieve that through INTERNAL changes by the management. But that won't happen if their most important resource, the volunteers, just keeps flowing and flowing like and endless stream.

In other words: if you care about the community, force them to keep their promises. Let the remaining volunteers do their work. If gsm survives all this, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply as a new volunteer again.
Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
positivt wrote:
I totally agree with you.

I have a hunch they will be looking for new mods soon. I just get this bad feeling that people who don't care about this ^ will apply and get the position, because people that would be great as mods have quit/wont apply :(
While I wish that wouldn't be the case, it's probably the most likely. Curious to see how many current mods will still be in their position by then. Worst case is that gsm decides to "sit it out" until ALL the active mods resign so they can fully replace them with a "new and fresh" team that is more easily "shapeable" due to the lack of prior inside knowledge.
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positivt wrote:
Would you as a former volunteer encourage people to apply? <3
No. The reason why so many volunteers quit is obvious by now and while I understand that some of them are still in their position to keep fighting from the inside: new people shouldn't be thrown into that mess. The remaining volunteers all have some "experience" about the issues that are going on inside and how to "handle" them. New people would be thrown into the blue without that "knowledge" and wouldn't be any help for this fight imo. It would actually show the exact opposite sign to management: that they can replace us. That there will always be enough people willing to jump in, no matter how fucked up everything is.

I completely get that feeling of nostalgia, wanting to help, wanting to contribute so the site can improve. But there is no one out there who can do anything differently or "better" than the 100+ volunteers we had at some point. Let the remaining ones fight inside and listen to them. Meanwhile we all can show a much bigger sign from outside by NOT applying.

But I can only judge from what I experienced til the day I resigned + what I saw with my own eyes on gsm afterwards. I don't know how internal processes within the volunteer teams are now and if things have actually improved. But as said before: more mods quitting doesn't look like a good sign imo.
Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
girlbossiest wrote:

wish they could say more than theyre allowed to atm
its hard to know wether anything is going on on the inside when no one is saying anything
Yeah we can only look out for their mood I guess... ? But I feel like more and more mods quitting is not a good sign, considering that changes have been promised quite a few days ago.
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Everything else → if gsm start lookin 4 voluntee
Also: listen to the remaining volunteers. I know there are less and less, but they are all still fighting and have a lot more infos what's going on behind the scenes.

So don't only look out for what the management shows us "on the outside", also try to see the signs from the people that ARE still in a volunteer position.
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