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Style, fashion and beauty → which of the 3 models above
Everything else → Google your username
Well.. squids obviosly
Everything else → gSm skin colors?
Silhuet wrote:
1.998 gm ^^
Thats WILD
Everything else → gSm skin colors?
Silhuet wrote:
Omg? Im not updated on the prices. Thats even worse? I dont tink Ive had 2k gm in the last 5 months wth
Everything else → gSm skin colors?
The fact that w have to buy them for almost 1k sucks
Everything else → whats ur current hyperfixation
My own dnd character. Currently its my retired trickster cleric, goo warlock. May you come up with some fantastic schemes without me my beautiful boy
Everything else → my wife left me
Jot related but banger picture. Your tav looks hot!
Everything else → 1gm stick
I think the new leader of gsm should be whoever aquires the most amount of sticks

Everything else → the applehoax toupee
I neeeed it in blonde/white
Everything else → Rate the fit!!
Sick of all the rate the outfit above. Rate your fit compliment yourselves babes

Ill start.

9 I love the silhouette and the overall color scheme
Style, fashion and beauty → Make a look in COLOURS
Every look I make is orange
Everything else → cat cafes
I don't think there's any in norway and that makes me very sad
Everything else → good names on inactive
Moomin wrote:
YEAH I've been waiting for them to get deleted but it's not HAPPENINGGG
I've gotten so atached to squid so I'm not changing. But what an era this could've been if I was the giant sea monster I originally wanted to be
Everything else → Whats in your fridge?
Butter (to spread on bread), Butter stick, liquid butter in a squeeze bottle

and then maybe two eggs
Everything else → good names on inactive
The one who took the username I originally wanted haven't been on since launch RIP
Everything else → lazy eye
bummer wrote:
aw i can imagine that as a kid it must be rough to deal with esp if ur the only one who has one!!!!! i think in my school there was also just 1 girl who had one, and sometimes u would see some kids in the mall or smt, i never rly knew what it was for until i was older
I honestly forgot it happened until I saw this first grader wear one several years later. That kid also had almost the same glasses as I did, so I almost got emotional seeing her hahah
Everything else → lazy eye
bummer wrote:
that's so cute
Thanks! I never knew anyone else who used those eyepatches so it made me feel extremely lonely. But looking back I'm very grateful. My eye is still bad and it get so tired that sometimes I just close it. But I can only imagine how bad it would've been without those patches
Everything else → lazy eye
bummer wrote:
did u have one of those like stickers over ur eyes when u were a kid?
YES! My parents used to draw silly little drawings on them to make me feel better about using them
Everything else → Not being vip is sexy
it IS
Everything else → You’re not fooling me
I just came BACK after being offline for months. please. stay