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Everything else → What’s for dinner today?
I haven't decided yet so here for inspiration
Everything else → anxiety girlies
i could use some help from my anxious girlies - my bf and I are supposed to drive to Belgium and stay with his friends there for a night. I've been anxious & having panick attacks all day but I feel SO BAD if I cancel.

Someone tell me what to do please and thanks
Everything else → It's okay.
Aethers wrote:
<3 Thank you I really needed to hear that
Happy birthday!
Everything else → gsm needs more excitement
Qile wrote:
but imagine you have to work irl and then you are called in for jury duty on gsm. how are you gonna explain that to your boss
sorry ma'am i have to serve my community
Everything else → gsm needs more excitement
Frida wrote:
we need a gocourt to handle warnings and TO's
omg yes can't wait for jury duty
Everything else → GoSpecials is for the rich
Lulu. wrote:
I'm just hoping with my whole being that none of my favorite items go to gospecials auctions
Because I swear I will cry
me with the current hairstyle on auction
Style, fashion and beauty → Styled by Janka
I always LOVE your looks, if you want to style me you can go crazy on the layering extravaganza
Everything else → Should i buy kibbeling
the answer to kibbeling is always yes
Style, fashion and beauty → Show me your new outfit
Everything else → that’s it. calling the police
Everything else → I feel sorry for dutchies
i'm not having fun anymore
Everything else → reddit is down
i mean isn't gSm basically reddit these days
Buy, sell and trade → looking for this hair…
Everything else → Anyone @lewis capaldi tonight?
I saw him in Antwerp this week, he was amazing! Have fun
Relationships and love → Am I the drama
Also thank you guys, it’s making me feel a lot better just talking about it
Relationships and love → Am I the drama
BareRonja wrote:
thats sus and I've actually been there, happened to me with my first boyfriend. Like why do they feel like they need to hide it?? makes it weirder than if they'd just been honest from the start
Right I don’t mind them having a past together but I don’t get why they’re all being so mysterious about it
Relationships and love → Am I the drama
Hossai wrote:
no, it's an uncomfortable situation to be in.
That’s the right word yeah - just feels weird with me being so clueless all those months
Relationships and love → Just broke up
Sending you hugs! You can message me if you want to talk about it
Relationships and love → Am I the drama
Ok so I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and we hang out with his friend group quite a lot, I’m pretty close with some of them. Yesterday he told me he used to be friends with benefits with one of the girls in the friend group until we’ve started dating (they called it quits a few weeks before that). I just feel a bit weird about not knowing they were together before when we’re hanging out with them all the time, everyone else in the friend group knew so I feel like the clueless one.

So help is it just my insecurities or is it a bit weird
Buy, sell and trade → 8K for pink pants