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Atm being the exhausted student, so not much online anymore
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Buy, sell and trade → IS 200 diamonds = 3500 gomoney
Everything else → My crush list is
I better be on it
Everything else → Petition Rikke step down
Everything else → The official debadged list

Everything else → Casual reminder
Everything else → you should join virtualpopstar
Vp is worser than gSm
It's already dying for months there
Everything else → TW euthanasia: Goodbye gSm for
God damn.. This breaks my heart..
I am lost for words..
I am so happy that you were a part of my friendlist here! ♥
Damn, you are a wonderful person!
I hope you will have peace now, thank u for being the amazing u you are!
Lots of love ♥
Everything else → mikah and yucan
It are 2 new gocodes
Everything else → tag som1 who deserves the worl

Friends and guestbooks → Tag someone you instantly

Club forum: Public → [B2S] Smaller group
Club forum: Public → [B2S] Band member
Club forum: Public → [B2S] Flannel + jeans
Everything else → tag someone u appreciate
sims wrote:
AAAAH, U cutie ♥♥

Everything else → How much have you used money
It was 0 until the gopack a few days ago
Now it is 3.95 and I still have not forgiven myself </3
Everything else → Beware of these baddies on gSM

Everything else → Study starts soon or have
Half september my new study starts. I gonna start in digital design, with customer journey, design principles, photomanipulation and web development
Buy, sell and trade → [S] goPack
Erdbeerkatze. wrote:
sending them along
Thank u
Buy, sell and trade → [S] goPack
Is deals on everything expect the sunglasses!