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Friends and guestbooks → HAPPY BIRTHDAY goldenflower!!!
happy bday
Everything else → friend doesn’t wash hands
my one friend doesn’t also and it’s so…
Everything else → Mikah is back
Friends and guestbooks → 357 spots left
I have 370 too
Buy, sell and trade → Collector is QUITTING
Everything else → Played till 4k on wc 2 times
Roxannevbx wrote:
I think it takes me around 2 hour

With game bonus 1 hour

takes me whole day without the bonus
Competitions and games → Are you popular on GSM?
don’t remember but love your outfit
Buy, sell and trade → (A) Heir sells a lot of stuff
Club forum: Public → Look of the Week #3
minsquuu wrote:
Was the winner announced
I think not yet
Help, tips and tutorials → Bf positive pregnacy test
Bittersweet wrote:
Just assure her that you are there for her no matter what she choose to do,
Yes this is the best thing to do
Buy, sell and trade → (IS)Constellation+other rare
raiin wrote:
love love SO MUCH LOVE <3
Buy, sell and trade → TRYPTICH JACK auction 2hrs <3
Ickachu wrote:
DaYUM u rock it good !!
Thank you pretty
Buy, sell and trade → (IS)Constellation+other rare
Buy, sell and trade → [S] triptych Self-Love outfit
Buy, sell and trade → TRYPTICH JACK auction 2hrs <3
Buy, sell and trade → (S) Self-Love
Winter Corner → Valentine's Self Love Day
Candy wrote:
Do show us how you'd style your newly acquired prize items

(It may take a few days for it to arrive)
Buy, sell and trade → S constellation
Buy, sell and trade → Auction above (^.^)
Entertainment → Zara Larsson, if ur on here
JusticeJ wrote:
ugh same idk if I wanna be her or be with her