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Everything else → Today smth romantic happened
Radon wrote:
i'm in a relationship and you have more romantic interactions than me

i envy you
same :D
Everything else → 900 loners
I just came home from work
Everything else → What sexy object are you?
You're a romantic at heart. You don´t show off your sexy qualities to
everyone, you want to save it for special people. You are sensual, and
when you have someone in sight you get them through a slow and soft
approach. You're a sweetheart
Relationships and love → sex
hediye wrote:
omg I would be so sexually frustrated lol
I'm too, but he is really stressed and has no interest so what can I do. We have talked about it, but I don't want to pressure
Relationships and love → sex
I think 1-2 times a day is bunny behaviour haha. We had sex maybe 2 times a week at the beginning and now it's maybe once every 2 months :D
Buy, sell and trade → buy everything from me
Buy, sell and trade → VIP days
Everything else → Todays plans!!
I have entrance examination today and I'll work on saturday and sunday. Besides that, I'm probably just at home :)
Competitions and games → !!Giveaway!! 320SG’s!!!
I'm in!
Competitions and games → WIN the new GoPack ♡
sent 6 SG's
Competitions and games → WIN PERK HAIR +gifts
sent 5 SG's
Buy, sell and trade → Selling 13140 greetings
Buy, sell and trade → (S) lolita shoes
Buy, sell and trade → S VIP days
can I buy 10?
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Buy, sell and trade → LF 40% discount
Hilal1 wrote:
no problem, you're welcome!
Buy, sell and trade → LF 40% discount
Hilal1 wrote:
Can you buy the last chance item from my wishlist? Let me know how much it costs with the disocunt
Sent trade request
Buy, sell and trade → LF 40% discount
I have it
Help, tips and tutorials → In need of 500gm