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Role plays → FRP » The Villa
Luna Evangeline Blake stares at Beau for what feels like an eternity. She is sure he's gonna be mad. But then... he just isn't. In fact, he sounds concerned and sorry. Which really takes Luna by a surprise. "Oh, yeah... I'm fine", Luna says, still a little at loss of words. She feels some heat on her cheeks, not sure if it's just the alcohol or Beau. Or both.

"Oh I'm at least as much at fault as you are. I should've been looking, too", Luna says. And to be honest, she is really not sure which one of them bumped into the other one first. Luna's mind is too occupied with how much she's been using her powers at the villa. Three times during this one day. Three times too much.

"I don't suppose you know where here are any cleaning supplies?" Luna asks and tilts her head slightly. "Hm... maybe there's something here", Luna says and starts looking under the counter. She has to look for a second, before she realizes that she's not exactly sure what she's even looking for. She does know the basics of cleaning, but that's it. "Please tell me you know what we need to clean that", Luna says, without turning to look at Beau. Cause she is getting even redder. Since she's even more embarrassed now.

Role plays → RP | The Alley Diner
Sarah Joy Holland looks at Leah and has some difficulty focusing her gaze on her. But she does notice her offering some chewing gum. "Thank you", Sarah almost whispers and takes to gums putting them both in her mouth. She starts slowly chewing the gum. It's really minty and strong, which is good. Cause the taste in Sarah's mouth wasn't that good. "Don't worry, I'll be fine in just a second", Sarah says quietly. "Sure, you can always kill my ex", Sarah mumbles after Leah is already gone. She meant it as a... Well, she doesn't really know what she meant. She is just hungry and scared.
Sarah shakes her head gently and walks to her locker. She opens it and takes her backbag. She digs through it and finds the nutbar she had stashed in there long time ago. She hates nuts, but they're healthy and have lots of energy, which is just what Sarah needs right now. She opens the bar and spits the gum in her mouth to a trash can. She also puts her backbag back to the locker and closes the locker door. And then she starts eating the bar.
Role plays → FRP » The Villa
Luna Evangeline Blake looks at Jasper little confused. He doesn't seem to want her that close. Maybe she's just invading his personal space. Yeah, that's probably what it is. "Well, I hope it gets better for you", Luna just says and swims to her plastic cup. She empties it on one big chug and grins as it burns. But it doesn't matter, she still wants more. Especially since Jasper told her to pace herself. She was already gonna do it anyway, pace herself that is, but not anymore. She doesn't like people telling her what she can or cannot do. And maybe she felt a little judged. Which she doesn't like either.

Luna pulls herself off the pool and climbs to a standing position. She is all wet but thankfully there's a pile of clean looking white towels on one of the tanning chairs. Luna grabs one from the top of the pile and pats her hair dryish. Then she ties the towel around her waist and grabs the plastic cup from the floor. She starts walking inside and makes her way to the first bathroom she can find. Drinking and swimming made her need to pee. So that's what she does after throwing the plastic cup into trash. Then she washes her hands using this lovely floral scented soap.

Since Luna is alone in the bathroom she summons a small breeze to dry off her body and hair, gently. Her powers can be very convenient. Although, it took her a long time to learn how to control her powers. And she had to learn it all on her own.
Luna exits the bathroom and finds her way to the kitchen, only to walk right towards Beau. Oh shit, Luna thinks to herself and prays that he wouldn't spill his drink on himself as she did hit him. And then it hits her. Wind is her friend. Wind can help her. Luna summons a small gust of wind and guides Beau's drink to the floor. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry", Luna says, mortified about embarrassing herself in front of the best looking guy in the villa.

Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
Okay, that b*tch started it! So there's no need to kick me out and also I haven't had enough to drink!!!
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
I'm a patient. I was in a really bad accident.
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
That b*tch Rapunzel with her wig on.

Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
Weylen wrote:
this is how the tweens and teens looked back in my day they tried their best to gather anything remotely black from the H&M's and KappAhls
omg those pants. i had them irl just in pink and i loved them
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
This is something I would have liked to look like. But I was 9/10 back then so...
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
Chancy wrote:
Okay so are you ready ?:)
sure am
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
Layla05 wrote:
nice one
yes he is
Competitions and games → ♥ Dress Up Game by Chancy ♥
send the other sg from my alt fallenangel
Role plays → FRP » The Villa
Luna Evangeline Blake smiles at Hope. She did remember her name correctly. That's good. "Oh, yeah. I'm Luna", Luna says, as Hope asks her name next. They both have pretty short and simple names. And Luna has many namesakes in dogs too. And she knows at least one cat named Luna. To her knowledge, Hope isn't common name for animals though. Not that it really matters. Just interesting to think about, for some reason.
"Oh, I really love the nature around here. And this pool. And my room is also very beautiful", Luna starts telling, but then Hope suddenly gets out of the pool. Was it something Luna did? Probably not. But Luna never really knows what goes on inside somebody else's head. And it probably has nothing to do with Luna. But she can't help but be suspicious. That's just how she is.

"Oh, I can be pretty quick drinker. But maybe I should be pacing myself", Luna says to Jasper and takes another big sip of her drink. Then she places is on the edge of the pool and swims close to Jasper. "So, how are you liking the villa? Isn't it amazing?" Luna asks, éxcitedly and tries her best keep her head above the surface. Right now she wants to concentrate on Jasper, as he is the only one with her in the pool. And he seems really nice. Not at all Luna's type. But he could be a friend.

Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
FIRST PLACE: JuBBa (10 hearts)
SECOND PLACE: Kathara (9 hearts)
THIRD PLACE: Kaisa Ilona (6 hearts)

Gongrats to the winners and thank you all for participating
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
FINAL THEME: Academy awards (Oscar gala)
TIME: 21:53
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
SIXTH THEME: Angels and demons
TIME: 21:45
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
inyourfaceBAM wrote:
sorry i have to go D:
okay, thanks for letting me know :)
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
FIFTH THEME: Character from Moomins
TIME: 21:33
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
FOURTH THEME: Black and white
TIME: 21:22
Competitions and games → DRESS UP GAME by will93
RennyPenny wrote:
soo everyones ready? <3

could we get the next theme before the time expires?
sorry i was busy roleplaying