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Everything else → meeting gSm-friends?
yeah im actually at co rn

she is sick tho

Everything else → gsm = best palce to procrastin
okay u caught me
Competitions and games → Premium Calendar Giveaway
Sent you a sg and my new years resolution is to consume less
Everything else → billionaires suck
Corny wrote:
have you seen its always sunny
Tbh know im kinda tired and read it as sonny as in sonny w a chance but disney is still being real sus so
Everything else → billionaires suck
Corny wrote:

i am considering getting a month of disney+ to be able to watch its always sunny though.. i have to admit
Its not worth it
Everything else → Did you wear this as a child
Yes but it has a white furry brim and snowball at the end
Everything else → billionaires suck
Boycott big corps fr
Everything else → Parasocial relationships
Entertainment → Tusk walrus movie
I havent even seen it yet it keeps haunting me
Everything else → god i love
never ever gonna have an animal that doesnt have a human name
Entertainment → ross and rachel
hate ross
Everything else → youre like so pretty.......
Everything else → DIY folks
Everything else → i love this site
Everything else → racists
They suck
Everything else → from the river to the see
Everything else → arabs will understand
Cringe wrote:
more like saying raul but with b
In my head that be bowel maybe i dont know how to prononce raul hmm