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Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Vip please
I volunteer as a tribiut, to buy VIP days as well
Buy, sell and trade → LF long nails!!

pls someone sell me 2 vip days
Everything else → NIGHT CREW roll CALL 31.12

BTW: Can someone trade 2 VIP days with me? Ill pay gm
Competitions and games → Stealing? :OO
Everything else → can i speak?
My old employee said "fifi" too and I always corrected her. She didn't even understand what I tried to tell her T__T
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) scarf from goPack
i want it toooo
Everything else → lie to me
im black
Everything else → Customer service RANT
arggh. hate those people
Everything else → do we have demons?!
doesn't sound demonic presence
Everything else → A question
You only see what your eyes are showing to you. For example: You cannot see the another angles of you (ofc). But a real camera is better to tell how you look a like. With the differed F-numbers, you look different (:
Everything else → I was hacked
My good gsm friend stole my rare dress in gsm 1.0, (not released yet here) and I stupidly agreed to her trade. I think the girl behind wasn't the "owner" of the model.
Everything else → sorry
what happend?
Everything else → Slay or nay

Everything else → septum piercings
Do NOT try to touch it! I didn't touch mine like 2 months. If I did, it hurt so much.

I dot mine 9 years ago, and nothing to complain! I love it, and never gonna take it off <3
And oohhhhh all the jeweler what you can buy__
Everything else → Gosuperfear
Bullying and neglet....