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Club forum: Public → Puzzle with Amriel
good night
Club forum: Public → Puzzle with Amriel

would u like to do another small one with like 300 pieces? :)

Club forum: Public → >>giveaway 2000gm<<
elainehp wrote:
thaank u
i will not read the facts this evening since im sleepy but def will look into tomorrow
Club forum: Public → >>giveaway 2000gm<<
thats so interesting
Everything else → pls give my boyfriend a name
mizax wrote:
Grand Dad
well hes indeed my daddy!!!!
Buy, sell and trade → Please dont ignore this
Buy, sell and trade → WIN 1K
bid on a few things <3 (summer dress, birkin bag, hair)
Everything else → how do you uwu
i say uwu but not with uwu sound just uwu
Everything else → no warning in over a month
wow thats so giga

errrrr i only had a warning when the gomila ting happened
Everything else → Maleri truths you
yes do it
Everything else → truthing from an alt
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:

4 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 6

District 8

District 4

District 5

r.i.p queens

ps im scared ill get a TO if i stop commenting im prob in jail
good bye </3
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:
no one died!! wow..........


aches starts a fight with her imaginary friend.

pettyAF forces Wonderstruck to kill evankeliumi or Judith.. She refuses to kill either, so pettyAF kills her instead. (wow betrayal)

Eyds attempts to climb a tree, but falls on hagfashdr, killing them both. (haha lol)

Zesoi falls into a frozen lake and drowns.
LMAO rip me :((((((((( and hagfashdr.....
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:
sorry guys was afk for a second


aches tends to Judith.'s wounds and wipes away her tears.

evankeliumi thinks about her time as an escort.

Zesoi kills Safitira as she tries to run.

Wonderstruck overhears hagfashdr and Eyds talking shit about her in the distance.

pettyAF tries to spear fish with a trident.
omg sorry

Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
im cooking btw
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
grimace wrote:
pettyAF and Zesoi hold hands and feet. Intertwine those toes, freaks.

Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:

1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.

District 9

r.i.p lulu

also i just got a warning for calling myself obese in a forum
wtf?? bc of the warning wtf
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:
night two -- will there be lovers or killers this time im not sure

or both

TheSiren tends to Eyds's ingrown toenails.

evankeliumi receives laxatives from an unknown sponsor..?

Aquamine. lets pettyAF into her shelter. They cuddle for the night,

aches, Safitira, and Judith. sleep in shifts. At one point they do spin the bottle.

princessbell, hagfashdr, leifcery, and Tarzan tell each other weird confessions to lighten the mood. Some are weird.

Lulu. starts a fire.

Zesoi passes out from exhaustion.

Wonderstruck receives a weird mushroom from an unknown sponsor. Why the fuck would you take that now you r trippin
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:
Day 2 --- last night was heavy on the eyes for some, hope today brings a better vibe

Eyds questions his sexuality.

Zesoi travels to higher ground.

aches's trap kills ketkuli.

leifcery, Safitira, TheSiren, and evankeliumi hunt for other tributes.

Tarzan questions her political opinions.

hagfashdr tends to Wonderstruck's wounds. By wounds we mean hemorrhoids.

pettyAF practices her cooking skills.

Judith. thinks about Lulu.

Sweet Cowline bleeds out due to untreated injuries.

Aquamine., Lulu., and princessbell hunt for other tributes.
i am on the higher ground
Club forum: Public → the HUNGER games meow
tab wrote:
Night 1 -- time to get cozy with your favorite tribute x

pettyAF, princessbell, and TheSiren successfully ambush and kill Kleptomaniac Cookie., Kodaline, and No Face. (wtf)

Sweet Cowline tries to sing herself to sleep. Her awful singing doesn't only keep herself awake but also attracts a weird looking racoon.

Wonderstruck thinks about her Önlyfans subscribers -- what do they do without her content?

leifcery attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.

aches defeats Lulu. in a fight, but spares her life. They make a truce.

-.- begs for evankeliumi to kill her. She reluctantly obliges, killing -.-.

Tarzan tries to treat her yeast infection.

Zesoi and Safitira hold hands - by that I mean you are smooching.

ketkuli cries herself to sleep.

Eyds, hagfashdr, Judith., and Aquamine. sleep in shifts. Judith is the big spoon for Aquamine.
OMG kodaline my love??

anyway i got a new hottie MUWAH