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Everything else → gospecial is such a dumb idea
i hate it bc i hate bidding, wish there were buy now options
Buy, sell and trade → 42 sgs for gm/dia
guess it was bound to happen eventually :/
Buy, sell and trade → 42 sgs for gm/dia
sigh this is like my hundreth thread but they all flop, i guess sgs aren't wanted anymore??
Everything else → why is gosupermodel so
it's not tho
Your ideas → MODS/Staff please explain
ask rori
Everything else → do y'all also hate the questio
i mean my nurses ask that from me every day bc they're mandated to. they don't usually press me tho unless i either take too long to reply or tell them i'm not doing well. i tend to reply with "i'm okay, nothing special"

i imagine it might get tiring if u talk to a lot of ppl and they all ask u that each day.... idk if replying w fire to fire is the best approach tho. turning a small exchange like that far too longwinded and complicated and awkward. u could just tell them not to ask that from u if it bothers u or them that much
Everything else → What happened???? disapointed
since when
Everything else → quitting with school
depends. do u live on ur own / how do u earn money currently? are u working? are u healthy otherwise and thus mandated to work? or well... idk how it is in your country, but here the gov will be right on ur butt if u don't work or go to school, and have no valid reason for that (aka u aren't sick or disabled etc.)
Everything else → imma apply to watagame
Dancing queen wrote:

lmaoo I did play the ripoffs and they should've been illegal
they were and many were sued haha
Everything else → I want couture clothes
Everything else → Worship my kitten
i hope u r prepared for a kitten! they can be a bratty bunch (saying this as someone who has raised two), and can remain that way for a few good years depending on their personality / home environment / whether u sterilize them or not

neither of my cats have ever done their deeds outside a litter box. i think the kitten will be too scared or distracted to pee in the car. even when u arrive home they will likely hide from u for a while (they rly don't like cars) before considering their needs. in that case i suggest either leaving them alone for a little time, or carefully attempt to play with them with a one of those string stick toys
From goSupermodel team → Your IRL look
gsm is too femme to portray me but close enough
Buy, sell and trade → 31 sgs for sale
looking for either dia, gm or vip days - or a combo
pls either message me or leave bid below
Everything else → correcting is wrong?
sounds to me like they started panicking lmao

there is never an excuse to use slurs, especially by professionals. finland is great (/s) for the fact that they only banned the commercial use of these words in early 2000s :') i'm guessing the therapist in question is in their 50s or so
Everything else → have u ever experienced
i wish i didn't they're literally a health hazard
Everything else → gsm really needs to
irma vep wrote:
you say it as a half-joke and now youre being serious? youre invalidating your argument on your own.
/s means sarcasm
Everything else → stop deleting ur accs
imo they're making a smart move bc this place is rly bad for mental health with all the toxicity going about
Everything else → GSM needs more mods
Everything else → are you a feminist?
Forever21 wrote:
If there were men on this site this would've been problematic
idk if this is sarcastic but. there's literally several men here
Everything else → are you a feminist?
i believe in equality, but putting myself under the feminism umbrella feels "uneasy" due to the portion who actually just hate men