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Relationships and love → in your relationship
My fiancée usually does the dishes
Style, fashion and beauty → Skincare routine - question
You shouldn't use the blackhead essence everyday, it’s bad for your skin barrier(I think it’s the skin barrier, someone more knowledgeable please correct me if I’m wrong). Maybe once a week to two times a week.
With the snail essence it’s safe to use everyday. I recommend applying it to a damp/slightly wet face because it absorbs better!(at least for me it does)
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Everything else → Neck tattoos
90247 wrote:
Yes I plan on getting it in black & grey
Ok good that will probably look very hot(in the nicest way possible)!! Especially with some dot work in the shading!!!(yes I’m biased after I got some dotwork shading)
Everything else → Neck tattoos
90247 wrote:
I’m going to get a flower
That’s much better!! Make sure you go to an artist that has experience with neck tatts since there’s so much movement! Also black and white often age better on the neck because of sun exposure
Everything else → Neck tattoos
Love them but it has to be a good design, not something cringe and basic like a lipstick mark
Everything else → which apples to u like more?
Or you know what I also like red apples when they’re wild because they’re extra sour
Everything else → which apples to u like more?
Everything else → whats the most sensory uncomfo
Wearing clothes with tags
Entertainment → name a series that is so good
Everything else → Judging you based on your vibe
Everything else → the guy im dating
Elle wrote:
its the same guy who lied about where he lives btw!!!!!
Yeah that wasn’t hard to guess tbh haha
Everything else → the guy im dating
Oh wtf, I’m so sorry
Everything else → unused makeup?
I just keep it in an old makeup bag and stuff it in a closet I don’t use. Yes I have slight hoarding tendencies
Everything else → what is ur bad habit
I don’t drink water
Buy, sell and trade → LF vip days
Aethers wrote:
ohh yes please i need those days bad
Haha send me a trade
Buy, sell and trade → LF vip days
I can give you one day per dia!
Style, fashion and beauty → Your look in rl???
Yes but it would be sensory hell
Style, fashion and beauty → Have you bought the goPack?
Yeah twice because I bought one for elle(when she decides to accept the trade)

Everything else → How many VIP Days do you have?
Farbenstille wrote:
Yeah that's the reason why I don't spend any money on here. I'm not convinced yet that gsm is even gonna make it till 2024
Oh I’ll make sure it survives 2024 even if that means I have to bankrupt myself, this is my only social outlet lmao