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Buy, sell and trade → (S) dias cheap
Mathildersej wrote:
Thank youuuuuuu
Buy, sell and trade → (S) dias cheap
Mathildersej wrote:
Nobody’s stopping you
Ok, I’m ready. Send me the trade
Buy, sell and trade → (S) dias cheap
20? It’s tooo tempting haha
Style, fashion and beauty → can i style you? im bored
Idk if I reacted before but fun!
Everything else → i want chocolate
Buy, sell and trade → S gopack turtle
I’m my auctions! 8 hours left

Promo ur auctions below!
Everything else → too many diamonds on gsm
No im poor
Everything else → Gosu should extend pride
Yes omg plz yes even if I don’t belong plz I feel da luv
Friends and guestbooks → add one of the 3 above
Friends and guestbooks → would you accept
YES of course!
Everything else → why can we say boobs
Everything else → new gsm background??
Omg really
Everything else → Food help please
Keijukoiso wrote:
Yep. It can also be caused by pollen allergy like so many other frood allergies :D
Omg that is insaaaaneee, is that something you born with or can come at any age…

I loveeee olives so much
Everything else → Food help please
Is it possible to be allergic to olives
Everything else → gay confetti
Sleeper wrote:
Unfortunately don't think it is, but we've forwarded feedback asking for a toggle on/off button for them
Do you think it’s possible when there is a off/on button to be able to keep it longer than just this month?

I love this so much! This is so pretty and makes my bad day little better
Buy, sell and trade → KP dresses giveaway!
Cindy wrote:
How are you?
Everything else → insert the wrong picture
Everything else → im never awake this early
Competitions and games → sketzmo players
Everything else → Pulling an ALL-NIGHTER
If I don’t answer I fell asleep and will prob have more neck pain yuh