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Relationships and love → (TW: Domestic violence) bf left me in foreign country
I hope you will eventually get home safe, and I hope you will find the strength within you to leave him.
It worries me to read this, if you do not have anyone in your social circle who can help you afford a plane ticket home - Try and reach out to a organisation for people of partner abuse ,and ask what you might can do
Everything else → iced matcha tea latte

Been trying several matcha flavoured things in Japan, and it was equally bad each time. Like som bitter green tea, which makes your stomach turn and you can taste it all day
Everything else → do u have anyone blocked
Only 3 people, just to remind myself not to interact with them in teh future
Everything else → Having a break at work
Just woke up
Everything else → why
Pretty sure it will come eventually
Everything else → Neck tattoos
Neck is a good spot, a lot of designs just works the best on the neck area. Go for it, I'm assuming since you want neck tattoos, you don't consider being a doctor, lawyer or anything else where it would cause an issue.
A lot of regular jobs wouldn't care too much, at least where I'm from
Everything else → love hate tattoos
I love tattoos, I also like getting them (Just not... black out.. Fuck my life that was bad). Healing process is annoying no matter what, so that's the most annoying part of it.

The itching is the worst
Everything else → If u got unlimited money to
I would buy the Pokémon TCG Illustrator card
Everything else → Is it me or did Norway get mor
soffeloffn wrote:
i think we will survive without lmao
From goSupermodel team → Denmark Constitution Day
Jalicia wrote:
I am always confused as to whether this is a holiday or not
It is a holiday, but I think it's quite mixed if you work or not during that day
From goSupermodel team → Denmark Constitution Day
I love it!
More money when working
Everything else → I love combo of watermelon
.... What
Everything else → taxi
emmys wrote:
i've been in them 10 ish times and they always ask "here?" "do i take up here?" or something like that along the whole way, and if i don't say anything they go the wrong way lmaoo maybe they're just incompetent in my city
I would hate that I always put on my headphones when going to a taxi, that extra chattering would make me go nuts haha
Relationships and love → Is 21 and 27...
I've had friends with same age gape/bigger ones in that age. And those have been some long-term working relationships.

But also I guess it depends where the two people are in their life. 21 nad 27 can be at different phases of their life - or they could be at the same!
Everything else → taxi
I have probably been in a taxi 50+ times, and they have always used GPS - Unless they fully knew where I was headed
Everything else → i wanna take a dna test
My sister did one for us. But it was kinda as expected, as we very much knew about our gypsy ancestry from Eastern Europe.
I know some take several different ones, as some might hvae some info others don't?? (apparently). But I mean, it's a little bit fun either way
Everything else → do u guys know if were getting
I think they mentioned at some point, that it was not coming back?
Everything else → What is your favorite goCode
The big grey, curly Ad0xa hair
Everything else → Tattoos
90247 wrote:
Nice, what did you get?
I got the word ''FREAK'' written down my throat (Spelled with the Pokémon Unown)
Competitions and games → gaming friends
What games have you been playing up until now?