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Everything else → called customer service
paris hiltan wrote:
oh i cannot stand calling people up either, my mother still makes my doctors appointments

proud of u!!
my doctor's office has a calendar online where i can book appointments myself, thank GOD, but i should probably have moved my dentist appointment up and that is NOT happening:')

Everything else → called customer service
Haze wrote:
i'm proud of you
Everything else → called customer service
ForestPrincess wrote:
literally the worst, I always end up sounding incompetent whenever I try to communicate with any type of customer service
i was trying SO HARD to stop my voice from shaking
Everything else → called customer service
pink244 wrote:
But you have a new positive experience
how many of them do i need before they actually start helping:'))))))
Everything else → called customer service
she was so nice and it only took like.. a minute, but im still shaking so bad, i love having anxiety:DDDD
Club forum: Public → Study session! 20.03.
im done, my back has started hurting so im have to stop playing piano and being on my computer for today so it doesnt keep getting worse.. i guess this is a good time for reading philosophy lol

have a good day everyone
Everything else → aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Club forum: Public → Study session! 20.03.
Ceaserina wrote:
Just get back into it for the next session :)

Things like these happen and are normal. Just get back into it :)

As for my to do's this session:
[] Find a production process for creating thin sheets of PLA
[] Find a good concentration of PBAT that should be added to the PLA
[] Make a PFD of the process found by the previous two to-do's

Did not complete one thing, but that is ok, cause I did work for the entire time and have read a lot of papers, just didn't find what I needed.
yeah.. yeah, i'll get in on the next one again. i can do this


ok so i gotta keep going with piano practice:

[x] long arpeggios
[/] prelude 6 (the hard part..)
[] prelude 17 (the broken chord)
[] prelude 17 (play through while recording to tackle the emotion)
[] prelude 24 (play through slowly)
[] prelude 24 (put in some work on the hard part) MAYBE

my to do's for this session will be finishing up prelude 6 practice and start on 17.
Club forum: Public → Study session! 20.03.
im weeaaaak, i gave up at 12:00, i never came back:(((( how do i get back on track??
Everything else → omg
scammers still out here having no shame
Everything else → things you can put in a bottle
17. post (mail)
Everything else → We have a problem
Aileeen wrote:
Ahh, that works! But what about in the future tho, when we're years in this and you have clothes in the middle that you won't reach easily?
they're probably gonna fix it by then
Relationships and love → Trauma dumping or appropriate
i have absolutely no idea
Everything else → We have a problem
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Everything else → is there a language
maikkilol wrote:
german for sure

love how angry it sounds
i wish i was more motivated for german, i HATE how it sounds:((( i had like 5 years of it in school, why cant i just.. like it.. then i could probably get by in german.. but noooo:))))))
Everything else → is there a language
oooh sign language!! i wanna learn that

and arabic seems really cool too
Everything else → is there a language
mandarin chinese (and soooo many others..)

but im learning korean right now, so i gotta say that as no. 1 i guess:)
Everything else → how to start loving
3o3 wrote:
i only log on to pull on the banners lol
about to be me when baizhu comes out
Everything else → whats for lunch queens??
this reminded me of the girl who ate garlic bread for breakfast this morning
i said i would have it for lunch, i guess its time to pre-heat the oven

thanks you isaiah and garlic girl:)
Everything else → Best grocery store
i like kiwi the best

but rema is good too