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Everything else → my as5hole is ripped
Competitions and games → Who wants a lollypop?? <3
Would love one!
Everything else → Free sgs
Entertainment → sims 4 cc
Mods I can't live without:

MC Command center

UI Cheats

They both add easy way to cheat in moods, careers, pregnancy, relationships etc.
Everything else → rip sleeping schedule
Entertainment → israel
Disease wrote:
germany last? no
Had Germany in my top-10. That last place was NOT deserved
Entertainment → israel
Fruken wrote:
Aside from the politics it objectively wasn't that good
Entertainment → what is Eurovision
ZerpentZero wrote:
does that mean i'm the jury? cus i def feel clowned on after that final
Entertainment → israel
Don't know what they're still doing in ESC.. been wondering for years

The double standards are BS
Entertainment → what is Eurovision
Maissiturkki wrote:
This is the most accirate description

It's also a silly little meme machine at the same time
The memes is the best part!
Entertainment → what is Eurovision
ALMSIVI wrote:
It's all good and fun until voting begins!
Entertainment → what is Eurovision
A European one-week war every year in May
Everything else → loving the käärijä love here
Petition for Käärijä to get a section in next years final just like Sam Ryder did despite getting 2nd (I get that HIS country hosted, but surely Sweden can show some neighbourly love!)
Everything else → my guilty pleasure crush
Oh yes!
Everything else → Who was your favorite tonight?
Sinaduria wrote:
Yes ofc, some cant look over that. But im just saying I liked her show, not her as A person or her country.

If I would give her A total review includig her backround ofc my other favorites would come first, and like I Said I did not use my vote on Israel so im not supporting her
And that's totally fair! I know people who also quite liked the song and like you chose to not vote because of the country

If I had to look past the whole country thing I personally thought the song changed tempo too many times - felt like it could have been better as 5-6 separate songs and not mushed into one, but oh well.. some people like that chaos ha!
Everything else → Who was your favorite tonight?
Sinaduria wrote:
Ofc, but how would I as A individual for sharing my personal opinion on this safe plattform Get judged by just A simple opinion. Ofc I liked her performance, but did I vote for it, ofc not because I dont want to see the Israel flag win. And how would me saying wow SHE did A great show, impact the votes or anything Else? Literally I do not support the country SHE represents

I came here to this plattform to listen to other peoples opinions regardless of politics and other Things

I came here to share my opinion on what I think was actually A really good show, and hoped people would do the same, like many did.
I can only speak for myself here - but I think its because in generel I get why people would like the song or previous songs from Israel. I just can't, myself, get past just that.. ISRAEL. It's the same with movie stars. I can watch a movie and LOVE it, but if someone like for example Gal Gadot is in it. I can still like the movie to some degree, but I just can't move past the fact that SHE is in it and she was in the IDF and actively fought for the Israeli regime
Everything else → can y’all sleep before
Have to be up at 3AM next saturday to catch an early flight to Brussels - AS IF I will get any sleep. I'm always too jittery and excited to go to sleep
Everything else → Czechia
chizera wrote:
Yes they were!

/I think the pink outfits were more fitting for the theme they went for in the live performance, while the colorful outfits in the music video were more interesting and worked for the slavic theme better
True.. I just think they didn't really stand out because so many wore pink