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Relationships and love → What is the youngest
23, im 22 haha
Competitions and games → OMG what is the doing?
having trouble walking
Competitions and games → OMG what is the doing?
trying to tame a tiger
Competitions and games → OMG what is the doing?
peeing on the street
Style, fashion and beauty → which item would you steal
the hair thing
Everything else → fun warning
Calliope wrote:
Moving this to Help, tips and tutorials
CRYING omfg hahah
Everything else → how much do u pay in rent
we each pay (my 2 roomies and i) 790 euro for 124m2
Everything else → i bet you were the bully
the bully:(
Buy, sell and trade → I NEED DIAMONDS pls
tell me what you sell them for!!
Buy, sell and trade → i can't believe it
i can't believe that i paid 40k for the dia shoes and now they are in the gopack
Buy, sell and trade → selling SG
i have 3000 greetings and i am selling them all for 500 gm :D
Everything else → Danish girls - checked SKAT?
i need to pay 6k
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 250 Diamonds
ive sent you a message
Everything else → how am I supposed
good luck girl
From goSupermodel team → A look using only 1 colour
Everything else → tell me something embarrassing
hahahaha okay
so like 5 years ago i had just broken up with this guy - i think it was like 2-3 months after we "broke up" and i was out partying in the city one night and decided to text him, so i wrote him at messenger without sending the message, i screenshotted the message, but instead of sending it to my friend to ask if i could write the thing i wrote, i sent it to him :))))) with " can i text this" and afterwards the message that i wanted to send in the beginning, and i didn't really notice until the morning after :DDD
Everything else → Which future on gsm would
the vintage store instead of auction
Everything else → are u vegetarian
no, can't live without chicken and fish
Everything else → Omg did you see her look?
same hihi
Everything else → Omg did you see her look?
Komi wrote:
7/10, personally would add something to match the green and maybe go for a different bag cause its a bit too gray to match the hair

above: 8 - even tho its not my style i love what you did