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Buy, sell and trade → (S) Rori perk, comp + other
Beauty. wrote:
Babe here's your chance!!!
Omg thanks!!
Buy, sell and trade → i send you 70gm trades
Everything else → Guess who they voted for!
Everything else → juryvision 2023
Queen Loreen
Everything else → um?!
Everything else → i hate Loreen
blueberry! wrote:
i don't think she cares
Entertainment → It was not just about losing
akinominator wrote:
and that’s all understandable, but wishing death on a woman??? a bit extreme
Everything else → Serious note from an ESC fan
Entertainment → FUCK the jury
Loreen is the real winner. Queen
Entertainment → Loreeen queeen
Everything else → white people
mom: 0
dad: 10

No wonder they separated
Buy, sell and trade → LF WHITE bunnybag
Buy, sell and trade → LF -40% discount
Buy, sell and trade → Broke.
Safi14 wrote:
please buy my stuff
i need to save
Buy, sell and trade → Broke.
Style, fashion and beauty → facereveal wtf
Junoo wrote:
WOW just WOW
u are so pretty

Everything else → boobylicious
Darwin wrote:
thats so sugarmommy
love it
Everything else → boobylicious
ledis wrote:
somebody better gift me the boobs
Everything else → boobylicious
Everything else → How many profile visits do yo
around 1k