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Wild thing, you make my heart swing, you mean everything :D Lv.26 wc player
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Help, tips and tutorials → GoCodes & Icon Hunting
stayiconicandpose is the new gocode
Everything else → I will laugh if the gopack
Stick wrote:
does not sell out lol
Entertainment → your fav thing to do in sims?
making big family and fullfill the skills
Everything else → whos the prettiest woman
Hoodbaby wrote:
no cap you're def on the list
aww janica <3
Buy, sell and trade → I am selling VIP days!!
30 vip days
Everything else → cant believe my first ever
mine was alexander rybak
Everything else → Cat
Buy, sell and trade → (S) GoCode Radio = 400gm
memsimems wrote:
send trade if u want it<3
send me trade instead
Help, tips and tutorials → GoCodes & Icon Hunting
rip camzilla
Buy, sell and trade → New trade "game" ⭐10
Friends and guestbooks → TAG ur golden flower

Everything else → Okay but this part….
J. Cole wrote:
the eyes freak me out
Friends and guestbooks → norwegian people
Everything else → NPCs
been wondering about this too
Everything else → #GiveUsOurAccountsBack
(what account)?
Everything else → norwegian russ
Miss Magix wrote:
what is going on with them?? I just got sent some pics and honestly what the fuck, their behavior is getting worse by the years
yeah almost everyone are so cokccy
Buy, sell and trade → (S) the hair BLONDE
Everything else → sørlands chips with salsa dip
shallowgrave wrote:
mmm yes I love first price salsa
mhm same <3
the one from maarud or kims is so expensive.
what southland crisp are you eating?
Everything else → sørlands chips with salsa dip
same that was all i was eating while studying.
regular southland crisps with first price salsa dip
Everything else → I don't speak german
norwegian or english is better