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Buy, sell and trade → LF 40%
Segan wrote:
I have it, I'd take a 25gm fee :)
Buy, sell and trade → HUUGE sellout ❤️
Buy, sell and trade → HUUGE sellout ❤️
Buy, sell and trade → I have -40% :)
Bellexa wrote:

Hmu if you need help

Comment here - I will respond with the amount - next step to make it easier: send me a trade please! I find it a lot quicker this way and I can help more people out :)
Buy, sell and trade → Anyone with 40%?
I rly need my wl, anyone who can help?
Buy, sell and trade → HUUGE sellout ❤️
Buy, sell and trade → HUUGE sellout ❤️
Maisie wrote:
Everything else → i think it’s cute
Why wrote:
my grandpa owns a second-hand bookshop and he always handpicks all of us books for christmas based on what he thinks we would all like

just love how personal it feels
Sounds like a movie SO CUTE!
Buy, sell and trade → HUUGE sellout ❤️
I need to clean out my wardrobe, so I’m selling a lot!

Send me a trade, If u see anything u like
Comment with a ‘’ and I will check ur wl
Buy, sell and trade → 40% off for 45 min
Debby wrote:
Let me know what you want, I'll send you a trade and then I'll gift the items (no fee)
Edit: I was too late, opsii
Everything else → My biggest gSm flex
Corinthian wrote:
idk surviving the gem craziness in the summer
Everything else → i found my fellow tabster

Competitions and games → gta V online heists
tab wrote:
anyone who wants to play? i need 4 players but its so hard to find people to join heists in online sessions with all the modders n shit </3

(sorry mods this is supposed to be in entertainment section)
What heist?
Competitions and games → Monopoly Tuesday
Competitions and games → Monopoly Tuesday
Buy, sell and trade → (s) new gopack!
ninskubae wrote:
selling that new gopack!

doggos SOLD

Black dress

HB: 700 gm FOMO

Jacket w back

1/2 sold
Dogs 900
Buy, sell and trade → -40% NO FEE 30 min.
My WL pls
Buy, sell and trade → HELP ME OUT - whats the Value?
What is it? Can’t see anything
Buy, sell and trade → (S) new GoPack
Dogs 900
Everything else → I'm cancer free!!!!
Alinka wrote:
The best christmas gift that I could ever wish for