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Everything else → my friend looks so hot
Competitions and games → last chance gifts<3(gm)
hey, how are you all?
Everything else → again the jds
yes!! I'm in love
Competitions and games → gifting wishlistes!!
Style, fashion and beauty → dear jds
Everything else → new look do you like it
so cool
Competitions and games → I Gift you<3(gm gift)
I got Congratulations you are verry Good
Buy, sell and trade → (S) OG glasses <3
Buy, sell and trade → Worth of these shoes??
Style, fashion and beauty → what core is your model
hot anime villain core
Competitions and games → Sketzmo
Relationships and love → what is your bodycount
I have no idea
I don't keep count, that's kinda weird imo
Competitions and games → Gifting new collection<3
sent sg
Everything else → do you play from your
usually desk sometimes bed
Buy, sell and trade → GIFITNG NEW COLLEctION 3
Everything else → so cannot talk about porridge
Everything else → Morosis
Everything else → fallen soldiers
Everything else → i wish i could hug
Everything else → Should I go
of course