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Club forum: Public → [B2S] Offer to walk student
Buy, sell and trade → (s) 143sg <3
offer! looking for gm and vip days
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 138sg <3
offer something :) looking for vip days and gm
Competitions and games → Free Supergreetings !
Everything else → 13 year old cousin rates you
Everything else → would you date a 50 y/o
GSM Event section → Winners of raffle
Gemma gimme some gemstones
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit above ☆
Style, fashion and beauty → Ugliest item above #10
GSM Event section → #TeamStrawberry
Friends and guestbooks → OMG I can't believe..
Have a lovely birthday <<3
Everything else → post a pic of ur bf
Vendy wrote:
heyyy that´s my bf
Competitions and games → Gifting<3
Adeera wrote:
so sweet! how is everyone?
lil bit sick but mentally really good!
Everything else → can yall just stop ?
but I don´t want to!!??
Buy, sell and trade → 6k for VIP Days
Style, fashion and beauty → G00d l00ks?
Competitions and games → GIVEAWAY / 90 VIP days ❤️
Relationships and love → meeting your bf's parents
im kinda shy but meeting my bf´s mom went great. she is lovely and I don´t remember did we hug but I think we shaked hands and she introduced herself lol. Just chill and be urself! It´s going to bee just fine
Everything else → Pineapple on pizza
YES my fav
Everything else → I will truth you ❤️️