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Competitions and games → Green competition! WIN 1k
this is so cute!! Ill make a look if i have time later!!
Style, fashion and beauty → alpine skiing collection
omg yess
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Leaf comp pants
Buy, sell and trade → LF Out of stock items
mimmimii wrote:
Hii, I'm looking for from my wl the out of stock items! <3

EDIT: wl updated!
i got lisu ad victoria hair!
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) purple Petrikor lips
Fortnite wrote:
and these legwarmers by triptych - they're both on my wl!!

pls tell me ur IS, i can offer gm + dias

have the lips
what is your offer?
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 75 gemstone outfit items

Everything else → wtf NEW EMOJIS
Buy, sell and trade → (b) greetings
seroporo wrote:
Buying greetings! Even large amounts!

Prices im most okay with:
1sg / 50 greetings = 10-15gm
2 sg / 100 greetings = 1dia
8-10 sg / 400-500 greetings = 1vipday

Send trades or msg!
Bumpers get a greeting!
can i buy 10 vip days? for 4500 g
Everything else → Post a daddy

Troy Bolton.
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Mushroom Set
Cinnamon wrote:
-FOXFACE is wearing it
ahh wow!!
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Mushroom Set
what was the grand prize from the competition if it wasn't the mushroom set?
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Mushroom Set

Buy, sell and trade → LF wishlist!!!
kristinebabyy wrote:
let me know what yall have !!!
i got the bag!
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 75 GEM outfit
annemar1 wrote:
Skirt and dress sold
do you have an IS on the rest?
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 75 GEM outfit

Everything else → I need to think UGH
good luck girl!!
Buy, sell and trade → LF 75 gemstone outfit
Competitions and games → GIVEAWAY 30000gm + 195 dia
SunnyH wrote:

Because gsm deleted my magazine and i lost all the gm (6 og 7k), i don't have enough gm for the whole price, but i've contacted the mod inbox and hoping for a quick response!

Happy new years
I'm feeling generous and want to host a big giveaway, where you can win a total of 30 000gm and 195 dias

1. PRICE: 20 000 gm + 100 dias
2. PRICE: 6 000 gm + 55 dias
3. PRICE: 4 000 gm + 40 dias
4. PRICE: Rest of my dias (at least 30, i have some dia stuff in my auctions)

Send sgs: (you can also send trades if it's easier for you)
1SG = 1 ticket
2SG = 2 tickets
PLEASE comment how many sg's you sent or if you bought the magazine, it makes it so much easier for me

buy my magazine and leave review (100gm) = 10 tickets

I will use wheelofnames and post a picture of the winners on january 12th, at 12:00AM gsm time!

Some people started off with 5 tickets from bumping my auction-post, so i'll link it here so i don't forget to plot them in <3
bought magazine, bumped your forum, and sent u 5 sg

So thats 20 tickets!
Buy, sell and trade → Whole warderobe 10gm (1 hour)
Buy, sell and trade → Im selling almost everything!!