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From goSupermodel team → Year of the Dragon Dress-Up
Club forum: Public → Calling all fashionistas…
Everything else → can u be right and left handed
yes lol
Buy, sell and trade → LF MOD beret goPack for sale
hi hi
i have the beret by aware
(check my wardrobe)

i spend 4k for it so bidding starts there xoxo
Everything else → do you like straight people
whats that
Buy, sell and trade → LF MOD beret goPack
i have it! just send a trade with a prise and we will go from there!!

edit: i paid about 4k for it on auction so it has the be more than that amount atleast xoxo
Buy, sell and trade → 110K for your beret
Eleria wrote:
i sure do

edit: i can't see it in your wardrobe though?
one of my friend messaged me for it
ill keep an eye out for you!
lots of ppl are putting it on auction rn.
if i see one for sale ill message you.
might save you some money too!!
Buy, sell and trade → 110K for your beret
i have 1
you still need it?
Everything else → dutchies what is the best mayo
zaanse en dat is niet alleen omdat ik zelf uit zaanstad kom

* zaanse and thats not only because im from zaanstad
Everything else → mods are such losers
Destroya wrote:
i love your username actually
Everything else → mods are such losers
Morosis wrote:
i dont think this is going to age well
i dot think OP cares it prob their burner acc anyways
Everything else → flop
ugly asl
Buy, sell and trade → LF this cillian murphy hat
i have one but its a bit darker
Everything else → yall are pissing me off fr
what did i miss
Everything else → bisexual babes come here
emotional intelligance
Everything else → GsM or Stardoll?
MeriB wrote:
What is that
Entertainment → When did BMTH become
wait didn't he leave like 5 mins ago

did they release something after that happened?????
one song i was just being shady lmao
Everything else → GsM or Stardoll?
MeriB wrote:
What is that
also a dressup game like gosupermodel but the clothing are so much better imo
Help, tips and tutorials → Old gsm users?!
MimmiSimmi wrote:
Oh my god I saw on TikTok today that gSm is BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!

I have thought about this website since it was closed. Back then I were a focus member on the swedish page and had a lot of fame hahah. Miss those times....

Is here anyone here from the old GANGGGGG?
Can you get your old profile back hehe?

i dont think you can get ur old acc back
im pretty sure they re made the site from the ground up if i reccon
Buy, sell and trade → 15k for your 150gem corset
Alinka wrote:
ohhh that one i think i only have something similar to that one but not that exact one.
i hope you find it though!
ill look around for you