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Everything else → what is your Roman Empire
that time when NASA was sending a woman to space for only six days and had to ask the woman if 100 tampons would be enough
Buy, sell and trade → S: off-white birkin
Everything else → should my mom pay me for ...
JusticeJ wrote:
I'd personally just do that for my mom but that's me
yea I was just thinking ab that. It is her stuff anyways..
Everything else → what phone do
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
uhh around 1.5years now?
Everything else → most average gsm user...
() has a dog
() lives in northern norway
(x) has visited stockholm or lives there
() own a pair of yellow shoes
() has or used to have a reptile or frog as a pet
(x) sims 3 > sims 2
(x) has more than 2 cousins
(x) is close with them
() has brother(s) but no sisters
() have visited turkey
(x) loves sushi
(x(does it count if its beach volley w friends?) plays or used to play volleyball
() is ginger
() dated a ginger
() body count over 10
() uses more than 1 reflector
() hates coffee
() muslim
() orthodox
() had a crush on justin bieber
() has a twin
() never been to theater
() have visited opera
(x) dont care about horoscope/astrology
() favorite subject in school was biology
() studies biology, geography, chemisty etc. in university
(x) owns a driving licence
() vegetarian
() have called 112
(x) hates electric scooters
() loves electric scootees
() lives in a two-store house
(x) has lived in a house with fireplace
() at least 1 grandparents are still together
() have read a book from Sofi Oksanen
() read a book from a danish author
(x) have been in asia
() allergic to fish
() gluten-free
() never been to germany
(x) played habbo
() is wearing jeans right now
() lives in a city of population under 50 000
() likes asmr
Buy, sell and trade → My WL

give me an offer or just send a trade
Your ideas → New Gocode idea!
A need
Everything else → can we all ignore the lol keep
Aprimorado wrote:
yes!!!!!! search it
I shall do that rn.

Edit: SO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!! such cuties
Everything else → can we all ignore the lol keep
Aprimorado wrote:
there is a glow in the dark shark
What there is??!!
Everything else → can we all ignore the lol keep
sharks are valid. Please continue
Help, tips and tutorials → 15k greetings for your help
maybe letting them be in the sun for a bit might lighten them? Trying to clean the piggy proof might make things worse :< good luck !

Edit: have you tried buffing the piggy proof w a brush first for suede? That might help as well.
Everything else → Who is not studying?
Hxney wrote:
well I need to.... but instead im here on gsm
same here
Buy, sell and trade → LF Greetings
lemme send you a trade for 2000greetings for 520gm
Buy, sell and trade → 100% FREE stuff!!
Everything else → Snap streak
Everything else → Pay Gomila awareness
Everything else → GoMila we care
Buy, sell and trade → ⭐️ EVERYTHING 40gm ⭐️
Sent a trade <3
Help, tips and tutorials → goCodes & Icon Hunting
Lvova wrote:
hmm anyone friends with someone they can tag who might know?
not me
Help, tips and tutorials → goCodes & Icon Hunting
Lvova wrote:
Is there actually an active icon hunt???
just was wondering about the same thing