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Everything else → it was fun while it lasted
yea. had fun, made amazing friends and spent way too much time here lol. big thank u to all my friends who are still here and the iconic queens who got deleted <3 u made this site amazing.

i dont wanna stay on a site where this kinda behavior is allowed and "ok". staff, mods, everyone defending them - grow up please, open ur eyes, why r u ok with this? listen to us for once.

some huge changes has to happen if u wanna keep this site alive, really good luck with that.
Everything else → My FMb will be dead soon…

feel free to send me trades, emptying my wardrobe as we speak xx
Everything else → if you're not spending money
Everything else → Next gopack
Everything else → I am tired of being silenced.
sfxiaa wrote:
Honestly there is just so much going on that it feels overwhelming, but I am sick of feeling silenced so I am just gonna state some of my thoughts about everything.

First of all to the staff: please learn to take criticism. While I do agree that the criticism here has not come out in the most constructive ways, what we are addressing are some serious concerns and they should not just be brushed under the rug. Silencing people is not the answer nor is it fair, what it is is very unprofessional.

The fact that during these past 6 months there has been constant scandals regarding the staff and the way things are being done, but most of the time they have been addressed has just caused more criticism is telling a lot to me. What would be professional is putting your userbase first, and let me tell you I do not have the feeling you are doing it, and I think a lot of people can agree with this. The fact that there has been some serious concerns about some safety issues since the beginning, and the fact that most of the staff here has turned out to be EXTREMELY problematic, speaks a lot about not taking the safety of your userbase seriously and it's just very disappointing.

I really have tried to be as understanding and forgiving as I can with a lot of the issues, but there is just too much going to look past things anymore. While I LOVE the good things that have come from here, I cannot support this platform before all of these matters have been addressed in a professional and serious way. Not by silencing people or giving vague statements and sweeping concerns under the rug.

Thank you for coming to my TED-talk. I have always said that I will always speak my truth here, so here is the truth
Everything else → how does deleting that many
right. but hey, lets just delete everyone who is still active bc that will fix AAAAALLL of the issues slay positive vibes! ✨✨✨
Everything else → rip grim
will be missed xxx

Everything else → No you fucking didnt
no wtf

Everything else → i want a refund
oh yea same
Everything else → if your model got deleted
Seeet! wrote:
would you start all over

Everything else → Okay lets all calm down
thats not how it works
Everything else → Today is a special day
happy bday to ur cat<3
Everything else → are you happy
not in these conditions no
Everything else → Shoe size
damn ur feet wouldnt fit my shoes
Everything else → Will they ever apologize?
did anyone already say no
Everything else → do u have an alt account?
no, i dont think i need one
Everything else → Your daily reminder to stop
Everything else → can you play games on TO?
Everything else → Lets speak up and see
Switch wrote:
i wonder how the SMAs FGs and JDs are feeling......
id quit if i were them lol
Everything else → Lets speak up and see
Catrosin wrote:
i feel not safe knowing staff talks about people like that