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Buy, sell and trade → CHECKING ur WL
theone wrote: 100 gm
yes please! can you send the trade?
Buy, sell and trade → CHECKING ur WL
theone wrote:
i wanna sell a lot of my old stuff so let me check ur wl

if u dont get a message or quoted it means i dont have anything

also im selling it very cheap just so u know sooooooooooooo

Buy, sell and trade → Lf your wishlist
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) 7 VIP days
I sell 1 day for 3 SG
Friends and guestbooks → If u comment here..
Everything else → dutch men dont need
megaslayforever wrote:
we might have the same dad
and when he is calling i can hear his friend talking too
Everything else → dutch men dont need
are you talking about my dad lol
Buy, sell and trade → Can I also check
Competitions and games → [FG] Independence Day Comp
Here I am, ready to slay that red carpet!
Buy, sell and trade → GSM COMP values✍️
bought the top from the SMA x Cluedo comp for 8k

bought the bag from the BFF comp for 19k
Buy, sell and trade → LEMME CHECK your WISHLIST!!!!
Competitions and games → My BF rates your outfit
Everything else → Healing is lonely
Buy, sell and trade → (S)perks, gopack and more....
can you check wl?
Everything else → what is ur cats name
Buy, sell and trade → looking at YOUR wl
Buy, sell and trade → B: premium calendar 25k
I can sell one for 30k
Everything else → ❆ truthing you BUT ❆
Everything else → How do you not know me?
yes have seen you around
Buy, sell and trade → (B) premium calendar
viqa wrote:
I'm thinking about buying a premium calendar. What is your price?
I can offer gm/dia/items. I have several perk locked items

I've already bought
I can buy you one for 30k but I'm also okay with some perk items, you can check my WL maybe?