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Everything else → hi?
Im a weirdo and i say howdy......
Buy, sell and trade → (S) boobs
Kiwi997 wrote:
Nope, not this one
ooh ok
Buy, sell and trade → (S) boobs
arent these still in store like 10gm?
Buy, sell and trade → buying sgs
10 000 greetings = 200sgs
Buy, sell and trade → S: 120000 greetings
Buy, sell and trade → K so.. i was off....
Like a looong time.

Now tell me yo faw item + worth pf it to catch up on this
Buy, sell and trade → (A) Win 20k !
Im sad that you are leaving... sad if anyone goes ;/
i havent had much time to spend here so im broke and i wanna take part on this D; <3

I wish u all the best <3

Everything else → should i order mcdonalds
Everything else → Please help!!!!
sendin sgs!
Everything else → well.....
I love gsm.
Love yall.
Buy, sell and trade → 2 perks on my auction
Nakika wrote:
LF the space grey hair, so here is a bump<3

wrote lf and it looked like "if" and not LF
ty anyways ahah
Buy, sell and trade → 2 perks on my auction

i will also straight sell if someone wants.
Relationships and love → how would u react if
id talk about it.
if there is no good reason = brolly is not.
say that u r done and dont take shet c:
Everything else → trimmed my bush yesterday
Yee.. da grasses needa be trimmed at summer- was exhausted from that yesterday.
Entertainment → what disney movie
Buy, sell and trade → (S) yesterdays gocodes
i guess i missed alot yesterday..
Buy, sell and trade → [LF] Summerdresses
Im sellin the purple.
what would u offer

im askin 15k (or 14k + diamons) of it since it seemd to be the most wanted since i started.
Buy, sell and trade → (S) FULLEWHITE birkin
Lillian252 wrote:
i'll start with 5k
Buy, sell and trade → Gopack worth?
i wanna know too
Buy, sell and trade → (S) FULLEWHITE birkin
offer me gm or gm and lil amount of diamonds

HB: 5k

(items in my auction)

greedin bumbers! ;'3