Forum posts by Sadoka
Style, fashion and beauty → do you look like your model
lmao no
Buy, sell and trade → (LF)pigtail hair 4k+100dia
If you mean the gopack on, it was untradable i think.
Competitions and games → Which of the 5 looks above
Everything else → which background
the one with purple butterflies.
Everything else → Millennials
i have lenovo
Everything else → star stable
Everything else → whos super rich
9 whole gm
Competitions and games → last chance items
Everything else → did yall get everything
no im poor
Everything else → Black?
Everything else → Howrse?
i did but then they removed forums
And only in finnish server!!!! what did we do
From goSupermodel team → Calling all the fashionistas..
Everything else → If you click on this topic
Everything else → whenever i fantasize i always
I do the same
Everything else → Children's book Eloise
I do remember reading a book were girl lived in hotel, but i dont remember a turtle
Competitions and games → Post saved look and win!
Entertainment → Playlist organization
i just have one big playlist
Style, fashion and beauty → how big is your wardrobe?
Everything else → not the snowdress
Everything else → What's the temperature?
Obsidian wrote:
how do you guys have negative degrees? it's like +20 degrees here in the center of sweden, i'm sweating to death :(
look at the dates lmao