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Everything else → i'm out
this website is something
Style, fashion and beauty → Who has the best outfit
Style, fashion and beauty → who has the best outfit
Everything else → i dont agree with my warning
I once got a warning, sent them a mail about retracting them, and they told me it was removed.
I later learned that it WASNT removed and they lied about it.
Everything else → NIGHT CREW roll CALL 24.09
Delphia wrote:
Link to list website:

I moon, happy birthday cutiesttt patootiest <333

Question of the night
What’s the smallest and the biggest shoe size you regularly wear?
(Question by Billie)

My answer: 37 eu - 38,5 eu

How it works:
Forums are posted every night at 2am and is valid until 5am
When you participate and comment in these forums you will gain stars for each day and that’s how you’ll move up the list.
And if you attend several days in a row you also increase your streak count and the streak is lost when you miss a day (but stars is kept forever)
Secret message: always gift to the first one to comment in the forum each night tihi

Random info:
The website is still not fully done and there will be made updates and changes over time to make it even cuter and with better functionality and more features!
And since we no longer rely on gsm emojis there is a new emoji system and you can click “list key” on the site to see what each emoji means <3

Comment to get your stars cuties!
Awwww, thank you so much cutie.
Friends and guestbooks → MOON
Pimaya wrote:
aaaaaaaaaa thank you!!!
Friends and guestbooks → Happy birthday Moonie!!!!! <33
This is too much, thank you everyone!!!
And thank you for the lovely and beautiful magazine

Everything else → Hispanic Heritage Month
Up sweetie
Everything else → Hispanic Heritage Month

Creativity → HUGE layout collab! Magazine
Alexa wrote:
I love this you all are so freaking talented
Thats a kind comment
Everything else → "OWNED" Wardrobe and auctions?
In auctions if you put on the item the text dissapears
Creativity → HUGE layout collab! Magazine
Club forum: Public → IMVU
Clever wrote:
However, add me there. I think my latest main where "Ruttitutt" but you can add "Sursen" as well

That goes out for everyone being on IMVU of course - in case this might go under (not that I think it will).
I added you! My username is Redo, so you know who I am
Club forum: Public → IMVU
Clever wrote:
Hmm.. But is it possible on Mac? Because if I remember correctly I tried to download that old version a long time ago, but read something about it only being available on windows...
Oh shoot, I dont know about mac.....
Club forum: Public → IMVU
Clever wrote:
OMG! IMVU, I used to play that all the time back in the days. I still have two accounts there. But isn't it like... only "deskop" thing or something now? I miss the old imvu where you had the "app" on your PC and the whole screen where IMVU like SIMS almost.
You can still download the desktop app, it's just hidden, but it should be there some place. I use that app
Creativity → my bf rate ur outfit
Creativity → HUGE layout collab! Magazine
DaniiMelii wrote:
Just brought it! Really well put together
Thank you!!!
Everything else → which item is worth the most
The outfit that theres only 3 of you could win in the talent competition
Creativity → HUGE layout collab! Magazine
Creativity → HUGE layout collab! Magazine