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Everything else → tag ur best friend :)
vernon wrote:

Everything else → What did you eat for breakfast
oatmeal with blueberries, raspberries, sunflower seeds, soy protein and cashew butter
From goSupermodel team → A very colourful look
Everything else → what is your iq
125 according to mensa's online test
Everything else → if you were a pokemon
i'd want to be mew but would definitely be togepi
Everything else → what r u drinking
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sent 2 sgs
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sent a sg so 50 tickets!
Everything else → favourite pokemon?
mew and charizard
i'm gonna get a mew tattoo as soon as i can afford it!
From goSupermodel team → Your IRL look
Everything else → what do you study
i'm studying for med school's entrance exams
Everything else → First green thing you see
Everything else → atheists
i think gods and religions are like astrological signs and all that: they're kinda fun and entertaining until you take them seriously. except religions are not fun and entertaining but scary and possibly harmful.

and we find new fish and planets constantly, so it's only logical to think and believe there are more out there. we have never found a single one god anywhere, so...
From goSupermodel team → Win the PURPLE heart necklace
okay the dream: valentine's day at our summer cottage BUT instead of february, valentine's day is in the summer, june or july!!

Everything else → whats the country
i have always had a thing for australia. i'm very interested in different kind of organisms and animals, and australia i just full of species that can't be found anywhere else. i'm not even a biologist or anything but it'd be so cool to live there and have a chance to explore and study those species!

oh and steve irwin was my childhood hero
Everything else → Have you donated
Everything else → what do you call your grandpar
mummo and ukki
Everything else → Pineapple on pizza?
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sent a sg