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Everything else → who tf kills a bird
Friends and guestbooks → Find friends in your city
Osnabrück, Germany
Everything else → Wow the weather is great?!
me too but my birds wont let me go
Everything else → what are u doing rn?
Troy Bolton. wrote:
i should do that too.

just a little cleanse wont hurt
oh yes

i delete all they dont accept my no lol its also a challenge for me to stand behind my no
Everything else → what are u doing rn?
deleting people in my life
Everything else → How old are you?
Everything else → post an emoji
Buy, sell and trade → riri out xoxo
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) comp bird
Everything else → comment for a surprise
Everything else → lvl up with me!
Everything else → What are ur fun plans for toda
video games?
Friends and guestbooks → How do you make friends on gsm
just have one <3 but we text like everyday via Discord

Peach Milk
Everything else → what are u listening right now
First Rodeo - Cooper Alan
Help, tips and tutorials → i need gomoney you: greetings
MLR wrote:
huuuuh 20K greetings and you are new?

oh wait, you've made an account in december
shes since day one registerd :)
Everything else → mention someone you
Peach Milk wrote:

Peach Milk
Everything else → yall don't get mad okay...
JaninevS wrote:
For me it’s blue & black
me too
Everything else → Germans, the alarm????
Forgot it also, my birds just started screaming and I searched for the damn third phone in the house to turn it off
Buy, sell and trade → quitting - all items 25 gm
Everything else → Petition Rikke step down
Sylvan wrote:
I mean it's quite simple. If enough people stop to spend real money completely she has to step down.
But then we are back in 2016 and the site will close again, or not?