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Everything else → First impression of the person
You are cool! I can just tell that you have great taste in music and tv-shows, as well as fashion.
Everything else → First impression of the person
You seem caring and cool!
Everything else → First impression of the person
Probably a smarty and adventurous!!
Everything else → picnic help
Coffee on a thermos !
Everything else → pepsi max cherry
Mango Pepsi tho
Everything else → What are you drinking?
Grapefruit juice
Everything else → how much is ur rent??
*cries in Tokyo and Paris prices*
Everything else → It's my last day at
Congrats! <3 Well done! Did you enjoy your internship?
Everything else → Goodmorning everyone!
Good prioritization!
Everything else → coffee
Everything else → Vision Pro !! I need it
I'm kinda in love with the new Apple Vision Pro, an augmented reality product. It is so beautiful and sleek and the interface just looks amazing.
Gonna be super expensive tho, but I can't wait to get my hands on it when the prices drop in the future!

What are your thoughts?
Everything else → Nahhh which one of you
Hi there! Good morningg
Contact the mod box if you disagree with an image approval decision. Then we can look into it u.
Everything else → good morning?
Tsuki wrote:
no way you had coffee
Never let them know your next move !
Everything else → good morning?
I had fried egg and toast for breakfast!! and coffee.
Everything else → should i message my crush
no question. ofc!
Everything else → i'm both hungry and full
me rn. Might make instant ramen??
Everything else → rice cakes??
with hummus!
Everything else → people doing a phd????
I'm considering so lurking here u
Everything else → boba
Lilja216 wrote:
Omg that's my order too<3
omg high five!! <3
Everything else → boba
Brown sugar oat milk tapioca !! 50% sweetness yUM + regular iced