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Everything else → y'all played everskies?
Henzq wrote:
i did that too!! only joined and posted on 18+ clubs cause yikes.
Yeah, I really only interact with friends on there who i've met in different places who happen to have ES too haha
Everything else → y'all played everskies?
dr pepper wrote:
Everything else → y'all played everskies?
I only use it for the outfit system and for the competitions. I keep my interactions with the userbase to a minimum since there are a lot of minors and I don't feel comfortable interacting with them
Style, fashion and beauty → my mom is rating your outfit
Everything else → i cant stop picking my nose
dr pepper wrote:
Did you really just dress up as a booger? I love you haha
Everything else → i cant stop picking my nose
Cringe wrote:
but maybe with a little ambition i‘ll find some

above: exactlyyyy
Never stop dreaming and striving
Everything else → i cant stop picking my nose
You know digging for gold is just an expression right? You won't find any up there lmao

Everything else → anyone online with a massive
Feel free to take a look
Everything else → applying for gSm??
Cringe wrote:
his snot bubble….
Yes, it's beautiful lmao
Everything else → applying for gSm??
Once for FG and once for mod, I will not be applying for any future positions tho
Friends and guestbooks → Who deserves a gift?
Nelli :3 wrote:
No u!

Nelli :3
Everything else → friend requirements for me:
Surprised you haven't deleted me then. But maybe my cool level 21 status is what keeps me in the safe zone

Style, fashion and beauty → new collection styles!
So many incredible looks in here! I just fully leaned into the christmas theme with it
Everything else → do you wash your dish brush in
Yep! Makes it last longer and feels fresher! Also do the same with the plastic scraper/scoop thingie for the sink!
Friends and guestbooks → Inspired's Guestbook ♥
I love your sweet messages and random greetings, makes me feel seen despite my inactivity the past few months!
Buy, sell and trade → (S) VIP days
Selling 60 VIP days for 4k, i'm in desperate need to grab the final pieces of this collection before it goes!
Style, fashion and beauty → WHO has the best outfit
Style, fashion and beauty → what is a good perfume?
Pinks wrote:
I have a question for perfumes as well: I really like vanilla, but I dont want to spend a fortune on my first perfume ever, so does anyone have some somewhat cheap recommendations with vanilla in them?

I also really like the Prada Paradoxxe. I got a tester thingie of it and absolutely loved it, so if anyone knows an alternative for that?
An old friend of mine would wear Alyssa Ashley Vanilla, it's fairly cheap (around 20-25 euro) and smells really nicely of vanilla
Style, fashion and beauty → what is a good perfume?
Gucci Flora gorgeous gardenia has earned me a lot of compliments, will forever recommend it!
Friends and guestbooks → Happy Birthday Offings <3
Happy Birthday!