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i'm really grateful to know i'm not alone on this. i've really been struggling with this feeling lately. i know it's the fact that i miss the idea of him. it's all stemming from me trying to figure out who i am, what i like and what i want, as a person separate from my relationships.

and i don't know who i am. i feel so lost and i get these sudden memories and thoughts i don't know how to react to.. this is all so overwhelming. i have the sudden urge to message him after all these years to find out how he's doing, but i don't want to go back into that cycle.
Everything else → a memory
bonanz wrote:
Yeah I get it, I get those too. My ex was a horrible partner and I am so happy to be away but sometimes there’s a flash of remembrance of those happy times and I like to think of it in a nice way, like how nice it is that someone made me happy in the moment. I do miss his family tho, they were sweet! BUT my now boyfriend is so sweet n golden so it doesn’t feel sad to me anymore, just something that happened once u kno
i miss my ex's family too.. they were nice despite their flaws. made me feel loved. i'm just wondering whether these kinds of memories are due to the trauma of the ab*se or whether this is just normal. idk i have a hard time getting over these kinds of memories cause i wonder whether things would be different if we tried again now.
Everything else → a memory
i remember when i first went to scotland to visit my then boyfriend who i'd dated long distance for almost two years. we were both so tired of traveling to edinburgh, and after arriving at the hotel and showering away the sweat from the humid, hot weather, we made chicken flavored super noodles in the teacups provided by the hotel. we just wanted food, quick. everything was closed by then. we boiled water with the provided kettle and ate the noodles from these tiny teacups in the middle of the night with the window open, laughing at how absurd it was.

i was reminded by this when i now, back in finland and single with many years passed, made some really cheap chicken noodles. the scent was the same. i miss that moment with him so much, but i hate the person he became after those first few years of dating. i stayed thinking i'd get back the guy i fell in love with eventually, but he changed so drastically i didn't even recognize him during our last few months of dating. i still miss him even though after this incident he started being incredibly emotionally and verbally ab*sive towards me.

does anyone else have these moments? miss something like this? the idea of a person all of a sudden? things that remind you of them or moments you used to share? i hate that i miss him, or the idea of him.
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Crescendonut wrote:
Tbh, big red flag
i sadly agree with this.. i'm currently badly depressed and going through my emotions and having medication as a little boost definitely helps. i don't wish this on anyone, i hope she decides to get help
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Karamazov wrote:
he died today wdym?

please show some respect
i'm sorry for my incompetence, of course he did
Everything else → rip henrik ibsen
oh my god i finally realized today's the day of his death and this post is commemorating it

and not claiming he died TODAY IN 2023

god i'm so stupid
Everything else → rip henrik ibsen
Karamazov wrote:


wtf is this post xDDD
Everything else → rip henrik ibsen
Karamazov wrote:
excuse you
Im sorry d:
Everything else → rip henrik ibsen
okay sorry but who,, am i missing something
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nope, too scared they'd get hurt
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wardrobe challenge,, idk i'm depressed
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so pretty
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orange cat supremacy
Everything else → My cat really just said mrnmau
i love the mrnmau
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was this written with predictive text?
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Gosupertora wrote:
pls gift my sweety <3
OMG BABE WTF you're so nice
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